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Kast, after acknowledging his defeat: “Our project is not temporary”

José Antonio Kast gives a speech this Sunday in Santiago de Chile after acknowledging his defeat in the elections. IVAN ALVARADO (REUTERS)

Wrapped up by his campaign team and by the main figures of his command, José Antonio Kast, the candidate of the extreme right who obtained 44.14% of the support, 11 points below his container , Gabriel Boric (55.86%), this Sunday afternoon gave a visibly moved speech, where he acknowledged the defeat and thanked his collaborators and his family. “He deserves all our respect, he won fair and square and many Chileans trusted him. We hope that he has a very good government, ”said Kast, along with his wife, Pía Adriasola. The leader of the Republican Party publicly congratulated the president-elect, with whom he previously spoke by phone, and took the opportunity to outline the future path of his political force. “We want to be a contribution to the Homeland. We have to, among all of us, re-unite Chileans, grow, regain that faith in our extraordinary country. Chile deserves the best of each one of us to continue walking and that walk is together ”, he said in a show of unity.

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He spoke of “the great majorities that have manifested this Sunday”, in relation to the 4,557,392 votes that Boric reached, the greatest support for a president since the return to democracy in Chile in 1990. But he also spoke of “the great balances that have been reached”, referring to the formation of Parliament, where the right and the left are tied in the Senate and there is no clear majority in the Chamber of Deputies, which will make dialogue essential. “It's a balance that Gabriel Boric will use to govern,” Kast reflected. He spoke of millions of Chileans in need, living in overcrowding, without decent housing or health, of young people and older adults who seek answers. With recognition of their formation, the Republican Party, Kast highlighted that they became a benchmark and that they will debut in Congress next March.

Without the company of great leaders of the ruling parties, except those closest to him and who collaborated with him in the campaign, Kast spoke of the confluence between the formations of the right in the second round: “This unity around certain principles it is something that has to be maintained over time, ”said the 55-year-old lawyer. “We have to overcome our differences and, in the legitimate differences, maintain reason for reason,” he said in an evident wink of confluence with the rest of the parties of the Government coalition, to which he does not belong. In parallel, he called on the elected parliamentarians of Franco Parisi's People's Party to come closer to the sector.

“To all the Chileans who voted for us (3,643,116 people) I want to tell you to be calm. Everything will be fine and we will be there, always. Our commitment is not temporary. Our commitment is in rural areas, with tradition and customs, with the victims of Araucanía and Arauco. We want to say to all the victims of terrorism that we will be with you. We are never going to abandon them ”, he assured about the area where he obtained the best vote: 60% against 39% for Boric. The Republican also assured that they are going to ask the new Government to work for peace and dialogue for this “open wound.” In a speech that ended with a pro-family message and thanking God, he informed that he was retiring to personally greet the president-elect.

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