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Jordi Sánchez: “Comedy can help against nonsense such as homophobia”

This Sunday, January 2, ATRESplayer PREMIUM premieres 'Señor, give me patciencia', a continuation of the homonymous film released in 2017. Jordi Sánchez once again gets into the shoes of Gregorio, a conservative man full of prejudices who loses all his money, his work and his apartment in the Salamanca neighborhood and is at the mercy of his children. “The fact of being such an intransigent, ultra-conservative character, who at a given moment is learning, apologizes and apologizes, people like that very much,” says Sánchez in an interview with Europa Press. “In the end, so as not to be left alone because he realizes that he has made a mistake, he apologizes. That people evolve and learn to people seems very tender,” he adds about the success of the film.

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