John Oliver Took A Good-Natured Swing At Hugh Grant In The Most Bizarrely Profane Context Possible


Last Week Tonight‘s on hiatus (he’s presumably resting up, spending time with his mega-wife, and all that good stuff), but John Oliver couldn’t resist dropping another web exclusive to tide over the HBO audience. “I just can’t seem to stop posting sh*t on the internet,” he declared, and thank goodness.

This week, Oliver raves about his newest obsession (now that he finally put that octopus issue to rest) by introducing his audience to a Danish children’s show called John Dillermand. The title character happens to possess a prehensile penis and uses his gift for good (performing charitable acts for people). Yes, this is as strange as you think it is, and Oliver points out that the character’s name “would actually be a great nickname for my own penis if I hadn’t already nicknamed it ‘Hugh Grant’ because it’s British, aging, and I’ve been told it can be unpleasant to work with.”

Well, he’s now the Emmy-nominated Hugh Grant, so there’s multiple distinctions that the “unpleasant” actor is rocking these days. From there, the short-ish segment (compared to the show’s deep dives”) reveals how TV’s talking heads can’t handle the show and freaked out while interviewing the minds behind the production. They knew what they were doing, given that (as Oliver points out) “The ‘Diller’ in ‘Dillermand’ is Danish slang for ‘penis,’ meaning that his name in English is basically ‘John Penisman,’ which is a perfect name for a man with a magical dong.”

Then Oliver got super (not-real) by confessing that he identifies with Mr. John Dillerman.


“The reason John Dillermand resonated so much with me isn’t that I found it interesting, charming, or funny.” Oliver declared. “It’s that I, too, have a 20-foot long, animated hose dong.” Oh boy.

Last Week Tonight returns with full episodes on July 25.