Jimmy Kimmel Poked Some Fun At Trump’s Weekend Rally And Confirmed That His Backwards-Seeming Pants Were ‘Just A Revolting Illusion’

“Imagine being the fact checker that gets that call?”

That was one of Jimmy Kimmel’s main takeaways following Donald Trump’s weekend appearance at a GOP conference in Greenville, North Carolina. Though not even Fox News aired the event (which Kimmel described as being akin to TBS passing on showing a new episode of The Big Bang Theory), the former president caught the interest of the internet when some people pointed out that it looked as if his pants might be on backwards.

Discussing the “detailed online investigation” that followed the vomit-inducing images from the event (close-ups weren’t invented for this reason), Kimmel correctly pointed out that, “Usually if you got this close to Trump’s crotch he’d pay you $130,000.” But he wasn’t done:

“Turns out it was just a revolting illusion that resulted in these hilarious headlines: ‘No, Trump Didn’t Wear His Pants Backwards at That North Carolina Rally,’ ‘Actually, Trump Was NOT Wearing His Pants Backwards At A Weekend Rally,’ [and] ‘Trump Successfully Wore Pants at Rally: Report.’ Well, good for you!”

Kimmel went on to imagine what the calls to the fact-checkers tasked with getting to the bottom of Pantsgate must have sounded like, and reminded viewers that “Backwards-seeming pants seem to be a problem for Republican politicians in general,” then shared a few throwback photos of other GOPers in similarly confusing pants-related situations. Among the images was this photo of Chris Christie, which seems to have been taken by Satan himself. Kimmel described it as looking like the former New Jersey governor “tried sneaking a meatloaf into the game.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live via YouTube

No, you can’t unsee that.

Kimmel had more to say about Trump’s appearance—his first since February—in which the former president reminded onlookers that he has the best words when he uttered nonsensical sentences such as “We’re going to take back our country and we’re going to take it back at a level that is very, very… good.”

Consider yourselves warned.

You can watch the full clip above, starting around the 6:55 mark.