Jimmy Kimmel Had A Field Day With Mike Lindell’s Awkward MAGA Event And Its Failed Fighter Jet Flyover

On Saturday, Mike Lindell, a.k.a. the MyPillow Guy, held a weird and awkward event in New Hampshire called the “MAGA Frank Free Speech Rally” that continued to push the “Big Lie” that Donald Trump won the 2020 election. And like all things Trump, it was a disaster. Lindell had reportedly forked over big bucks for fighter jets to fly over the event, but they didn’t arrive until an hour later, leading to hilarious footage of a sweaty, nervous Lindell standing around swearing they’re going to be here any minute now.

Never one to miss an opportunity to dunk on Lindell, Jimmy Kimmel spent the last half of his Monday night monologue going to town on the MyPillow MAGA rally, which also got trolled by online pranksters. Lindell had touted that the event would have over 30,000 attendees, but the turnout was close to 1,000 thanks to a jokester who registered for tickets under the name of “Jack Meoff.”

“I guess that didn’t send up any red flags,” Kimmel quipped before launching into a sketch where he interviewed Lindell impersonator James Adomian who’s practically become a regular on the late night show. During the sketch, a frantic Lindell is waiting for an astronaut to fly a space shuttle over his latest event, but he hasn’t showed up yet even after being paid $2 million. After some back and forth, Kimmel finally gets to see a photo of this supposed astronaut that Lindell found on Craigslist. The photo ends up being Buzz Lightyear who Lindell swears is a real “space ranger,” as he screams his name out of his hotel window.