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January 'Paguilla' of pensions: When is it charged and what amount

The rise of 2.5% for contributory pensions in 2022 it will place the minimum retirement at 10,103.8 euros per year, 721.7 euros per month in 14 payments; while the maximum will be 39,468.6 euros per year, 2,819.1 euros per month.

According to the data provided by the Ministry of Inclusion and Social Security, the minimum with a dependent spouse will reach 12,467 euros per year , 890.5 euros per month.

Regarding the average retirement pension, and with data from the last pension payroll paid in November, it would go from 1,194.9 euros per month to 1,224.7 euros, always taking into account the 14 payrolls that are paid with the summer and Christmas extras.

Social Security recalls that contributory pensions will revalue in 2022 by 2.5%, the average of the index of price Consumption levels (CPI) between December 2020 and November 2021, a formula agreed in July with the social agents.

In this way, recalls the Government, the recommendation of Toledo Pact and the purchasing power of pensions is guaranteed based on evolution CPI.

During the second half of January

In November 2021, the note recalls, there were 8.9 million recipients of contributory pensions and 9.9 million pensions, since in some cases two benefits are received.

For beneficiaries of minimum pensions, non-contributory pensions and Minimum Vital Income, the increase will be of 3% leaving in the case of this last benefit the guaranteed income for the family unit composed of an adult at 5,899.6 euros.

The Government has also confirmed to the pensionsites and the beneficiaries of the minimum vital income that they will also receive compensatory pay (popularly called 'paguilla) during the second half of January (normally around the 25th) due to the revaluation of 2021 which was 0.9%, 1.6 points below the that average of 2.5%.

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The revaluation of contributory pensions with inflation will mean a additional spending of “almost 5,000 million” in 2022, as recently encrypted by the Secretary of State for Social Security and Pensions, Israel Arroyo.

Those 5,000 million comprise both that rise of 2.5 %, like that “payoff” with which the Government must compensate the difference in inflation with the 0.9% rise applied in 2021 and which is around 2,000 million.

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