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It happened in a Christmas TV movie

“On December 24, thousands of Christmas-hating American executives will be trapped in a small Vermont town due to a car breakdown or flight cancellation, where they will regain their holiday excitement and fall in love with a veterinarian. ”. This plot, typical of a Christmas movie on the Lifetime channel, was described on Christmas Eve by the Twitter account Peli in the afternoon, a tribute to the films that fulfill the thankless task of accompanying us at the weekend after-dinner parties.

If a Spanish Christmas telefilm had to be designed in the Lifetime style, it could be starred by Ana Obregón and Ramón García. They both give the bell this year, she repeats with Anne Igartiburu in La 1 and he will be with Ibai Llanos on Twitch. García has confessed to Luz Sánchez Mellado that he has always hated Christmas, and more so this 2021, “the hardest year of my life”, after the death of his mother and his divorce. Obregón has asked his followers on Instagram to understand what anyone with two fingers of a heart understands, that he cannot celebrate Christmas “because I am missing my mother and my son.” His Christmas tv movie , as a good daughter of his subgenre, would be corny, predictable and implausible. It could end with both of you rushing to meet each other a minute before midnight to ring the bells together.

Treating Ramón García and Ana Obregón as if they were fictional characters is unfair, there is no possible fantasy to mitigate their pain and good wishes are just that. But taking time to fable any story with a happy ending, no matter how syrupy, is a break from life. Sometimes, as Leo says in The flower of my secret , reality should be forbidden.

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