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Is There A New Episode Of Gold Rush Tonight? (November 26, 2021)

Is There A New Episode Of Gold Rush Tonight? (November 26, 2021)

The premise of Discovery reality series “Gold Rush” is essentially outlined in its title — its 12 seasons and various spinoffs all chronicle the efforts of various gold mining operations to strike it rich, like the many in search of gold over the course of history before them. For most of its run, Parker Schnabel and Rick Ness, who have been around since its earliest days, have remained at the show’s center. Various other personalities, like recent addition Fred Lewis, have rounded out the series’ central cast over the years.

Most recently, in Season 12 Episode 9, Rick runs into a snag when his wash plant unexpectedly stops working. Meanwhile Parker brings in his hefty Big Red wash plant to more-or-less take advantage of a stipulation in his contract with boss Tony Beets, resetting a predetermined threshold and potentially doubling his haul. That episode aired on November 19. Considering that some regularly scheduled TV programming has gone on break for the Thanksgiving holiday, some fans of “Gold Rush” may therefore be wondering whether or not a new episode will air tonight, on November 26.

A new episode of Gold Rush will premiere on November 26

According to the Discovery website, Season 12 Episode 10 of “Gold Rush” will indeed premiere on November 26. This latest episode is titled “Vindication,” and will air in the series’ usual 8PM EST timeslot. As per Discovery’s episode summary, “the Lewis crew starts sluicing and clocks their first gold weigh. Freddy and Juan soup up a massive trommel. Dakota Fred returns with a lead on virgin ground and a surprise announcement divides Dustin’s crew. Later, Christo visits the Lewis claim.”

From the sound of it, then, the gold mining work at the series’ heart as well as some requisite interpersonal drama — this time surrounding both Dakota Fred and Dustin — will both be at the forefront of the upcoming episode. As always, the prospect of whether or not its various mining crews will come home with a big haul remains one of its main draws, and fortunately, “Gold Rush” fans can witness what’s next for Season 12’s featured operations on November 26 at 8PM EST.

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