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Is Law And Order: SVU’s Benson Willing To Fight Dirty To Protect Her Unit?

Spoilers forward for the January 20 episode of Law & Convey: SVU Season 23, known as “Tommy Baker’s Hardest War.”

The cops of Law & Convey: SVU needed to solve a excessive-profile case of a most traditional fighter’s assault whereas the investigation all straight away met roadblock after roadblock, however the station that can well perhaps also reach support to pack a punch genuinely enthusiastic Benson and Chief McGrath. The two haven’t precisely been trusted confidantes for the length of Season 23, but he dropped some miniature print on her in “Tommy Baker’s Hardest War” that he might well well perhaps reach to remorse… searching on whether or now not or now not she’s willing to toe (or heinous) the line and use them in opposition to him. 

Benson bought loads more than she bargained for in their scene together in his role of job when an update on the Baker case grew to change into into McGrath venting to her about some trouble at house. And all things belief of, she potentially wasn’t the person he must private grew to change into to if he wanted her to be sympathetic toward him after more than 20 years in Particular Victims. Talking about one among his teenage daughters, he talked about:

My companion and I on Thursday waited up til 2: 30 within the morning. what we survey, the animals within the market. I changed into timid to dying. … And then she gets house, and she’s inebriated. She’s hammered and she begins mouthing off to me. I imply, if I had spoken to my father take care of that, I’d had been put aside in traction. … Effectively, it changed into factual screaming and yelling, after which she locked herself in her room and I shouldered the door birth. Now my companion gets pissed off at me. After 32 years of marriage, I bet we’re entitled to a flawed evening or two, appropriate?

Benson changed into sympathetic at first when he changed into talking about the stress of being concerned about young of us in light of what they survey on the job, but now not so unparalleled when he started talking about her “mouthing off” and shouldering her door in. Seriously, that’s the roughly speech that usually comes out of the mouths of perps on SVU! And as she later learned courtesy of Fin, the challenge is a long way more serious than McGrath let on. 

Fin took a second to issue one-on-one with Benson when Rollins and Velasco had been out of the room (and Carisi nowhere to be seen), and he shared what McGrath didn’t for the length of their conversation in his role of job. Fin explained what changed into up with the NYPD “rumors” surrounding the executive:

So that you’ve heard the rumors going round about McGrath, appropriate? … A domestic incident in his dwelling in Syosset behind Thursday evening. Cops had been known as. He mention that to you? … So he didn’t account for you when the Nassau County cops bought there, he informed them to portray it as incorrect? That’s abuse of the badge, Liv. … Appropriate presumably mention to him that you’ve heard the rumors. And to safe his support. Can’t be flawed to private a tiny bit leverage on that man.

All things belief of, now not the worst suggestion from Odafin Tutuola! Benson didn’t burst into applause and masks that she planned to earn some leverage on McGrath even beyond what he informed her himself, but she also didn’t push aside the muse, and it might well maybe actually well perhaps be laborious responsible her if she tried to grasp some precautions for her unit. McGrath hasn’t precisely been a staunch ally all season, to the level that I changed into taken aback that he would birth up about a domestic challenge to Benson of all of us.

They’d yet yet another reach upon earlier than the conclude of “Tommy Baker’s Hardest War,” and it’s a tiny bit bit racy to notify for sure whether or now not or now not Benson changed into taking half in at something else. She did acknowledge the rumors and promise to take care of his secrets and solutions, but additionally gave him a true speech about anger administration and within the hunt for counseling, and I didn’t earn the influence that her promise now not to out him for counseling if he sought it got right here from a role of making an try to earn leverage. 

At the identical time, he got right here out and informed her that if it bought out that he had made up our minds to earn wait on, then anybody who “can earn a rung up by pulling me down” will create so. On the one hand, that will be foreshadowing that Benson on the least considers the use of data on him in opposition to him, alternatively it’s fully a signal that he trusts her. Whether or now not or now not that have confidence is effectively-positioned stays to be seen. 

Though Benson in overall performs by the ebook as unparalleled as seemingly, she changed into also the companion of Elliot Stabler for more than a decade, and knows that things are usually ever shadowy and white in Particular Victims. McGrath has crossed traces too, so it’s now not out of the realm of probability that she might well well perhaps play a tiny bit dirty to give protection to others. Alternatively, if anybody might well well perhaps figure out one blueprint to conclude on the straight and slim whereas restful conserving these that want it in opposition to of us take care of McGrath, it might well maybe actually well perhaps be Olivia Benson. 

Law & Convey: SVU is unfortunately heading into a ruin, alternatively, and obtained’t be support with any contemporary episodes unless after the Olympics. That talked about, NBC is expanding its Law & Convey Thursday lineup starting in February when the revival of the long-established series debuts within the 8 p.m. ET time slot, earlier than SVU at 9 p.m. and Organized Crime at 10 p.m. Appreciate the contemporary Law & Convey lineup when it launches on Thursday, February 24, and look at out our 2022 TV premiere agenda for some viewing solutions for the length of the Olympics. 

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