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Is Blue Bloods’ Donnie Wahlberg Hinting At A First For The Show Since 2014?

Blue Bloods is quiet going strong 12 seasons in, and now one necessary particular person can even be hinting at something that hasn’t took position on the CBS present since Season 4 wait on in 2014. Donnie Wahlberg, who has been starring as Detective Danny Reagan from the very initiating, shared a message that will be a trace of what’s on the manner for him in the relaxation of Season 12. Could well perchance Wahlberg be heading to the director’s chair again? 

Donnie Wahlberg hit Instagram to put up a record and caption that raise the query of whether or no longer he could issue a second episode of Blue Bloods, and the first since the Season 4 episode wait on in January of 2014. In accordance to a put up from CBS about a CBS actor who directed an episode of their bear present, Wahlberg had this response:

It appears to be like, the Blue Bloods necessary particular person is willing to helm every other episode for the first time in almost eight years! Now, it’s most likely that Wahlberg is the employ of this put up neatly suited to construct his name accessible as a most likely director for an episode in what remains of Season 12, but additionally most likely that this became his procedure of cluing in followers that he’s headed wait on in the wait on of the digital camera again. No topic the that manner in the message, it’s tremendous to understand that he’s quiet so hooked in to the current extra than a decade in that he needs every other flip directing!

It’s charge noting that Donnie Wahlberg has spoken about doubtlessly directing every other episode earlier than, and never all that lengthy in the past by Blue Bloods standards. Support in 2020, the actor spoke with about the then-present tenth season, and he dropped some comments about doubtlessly directing as wisely as starring again. Wahlberg said: 

Loads of instances I need to hotfoot off the directing job to somebody else, but subsequent season I knowing on directing early in the season. And I loved it, I had the form of lawful time.

Donnie Wahlberg didn’t gain to issue earlier than the tip of Season 10 or early in Season 11 as he’d evidently intended, but that’s no longer altogether dazzling. His comments were launched in early February 2020, neatly suited about a month earlier than the entertainment trade began suspending productions huge and dinky, bringing many exhibits to early conclusions for the season and changing manufacturing insurance policies transferring forward due to COVID.

There became some doubt toward the tip of Season 11 as to whether or no longer the present would even proceed into Season 12, and a necessary particular person/director of every other present has spoken out about how the pandemic averted him from directing as wisely as performing. For the 2021-2022 season, on the opposite hand, productions are wait on in the swing and most exhibits haven’t had to suspend manufacturing. Perchance Donnie Wahlberg’s chances of directing an episode are as lawful in Season 12 as they’ve ever been, unless his put up became a splash that he’s already scheduled to cease so!

For now, yow will hit upon the actor in movement as Danny Reagan with fresh episodes of Blue Bloods on Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS, and swing by our 2022 winter and spring premiere schedule for additonal viewing alternate solutions now and in the no longer-too-a long way away future.

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