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IPE Awards for Banco Sabadell pension plans

The prestigious Investment & Pensions Europe (IPE) organization has distinguished to Banco Sabadell and its entity in charge of managing the pension funds, BanSabadell Pensiones, at the annual gala of the IPE Awards . These awards, which were awarded in Madrid on December 2, are dedicated to distinguishing good practices in employment pension funds in Europe.

The Spanish financial institution has stood out in three categories. GM Pensiones , Banco Sabadell's employee fund, has acquired two awards: the award for the best defined contribution fund in Europe and, in national matters, the award for the best occupational pension fund in Spain . This award is given in each country to plans with the best governance, management and profitability practices. Regarding Banco Sabadell's product, the judges highlighted the structure and fulfillment of the income and return expectations of this investment option, which has had a profitability of 10.6% APR in the last 12 months. GM Pensions also include the effort to implement sustainable investment and the fight against climate change. They also valued the good historical results of the fund, which is one of the most profitable in Spain, and, in terms of customer service, they highlighted the advisory and financial planning service. In addition, this fund was a finalist in the category of the best occupational pension fund in Europe, in competition with 330 funds from 23 countries.


The Dupont Employees Fund , also managed by BanSabadell Pensiones, was the winner of the third prize of the night of the IPE Awards for Banco Sabadell. It received the Best European Employment Fund Award from Active Strategy, which highlights active investment management, its governance model and best practices. This fund received an express mention from the jury, which highlighted the innovation and consolidation of the Life Cycle , a pioneering fund management model in Spain.

The risk of this fund is adapted depending on the investor as the retirement date approaches . This model has had good average annual returns in recent years, with 6.6% for the growth fund and 2.5% for the fund aimed at preservation.


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