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Influencers get in shape with these adjustable weights, now for less than € 45

The excesses of Christmas have come to an end and Instagram echoes it thanks to the tricks that our influencers favorites teach us through their profiles with special diets or sports routines.

The packs of adjustable dumbbells FED that you will find on the website of Ksix for less than € 45, they have become the perfect ally of our girls and boys fitness Instagram favorites to tackle the dreaded bikini operation.

A bundle that includes dumbbells, kettlebells, padded bars, discs of various weights and even smart sensor, with the to create 100% personalized workouts and where to choose between the different weights ranging from 10kg to 40kg.

The weight kit with the most 'followers'

Great content creators and the world fitness that accumulate an infinity of likes and Instagram followers such as @ niieves_fit (482k), @ borg_91 (425k) or @ kuuuxy (65.5k), have demonstrated the miraculous power of these weights through their Instagram, creating their own routines that show their community.

With these true experts in the world In sports, which over time have become the new ambassadors of many great brands, we have been able to discover the versatility of this great product that, thanks to its modular power, offers up to 4 different modes of use.

In their sports routines we have been able to see recovery, toning and resistance with the same product organized in different ways.

Now for less than € 45

The sales have reached the Ksix website with discounts on the successful FED dumbbell kits . A novelty that is included in the Xiaomi ecosystem, the benchmark brand in the sector of innovation and technology.

On the Ksix website you will find different weight options (10kg, 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, 35kg and 40kg) for all those people who want to start in this world or who seek to maintain their shape.

Each of these kits is made up of different pieces (dumbbells, kettlebells, padded bars, discs of various weights and even an intelligent sensor) that make them 100% modulable and customizable weights.

Ksix exclusively offers the possibility of synchronizing these super kits with your own mobile phone thanks to the Xiaomi MoveIt smart sensor that monitors workouts thanks to the MoveIt connected app. This app will allow you to enjoy personalized workouts and measure your exercises in real time to carry out the best of your daily routines in real time.

Create your home gym

The Home Fitness trend is here to stay. A 100% safe alternative capable of turning your living room into your own gym with alternatives that adapt to small spaces.

This new way of conceiving sport at home has focused on three basic categories of Fitness that have been gaining importance over the years. We are talking about the world of cardio, strength and Wellness .

In the cardio and strength branch we find sports machines of the most complete and collected so that getting in shape from home takes up the least space like those offered by Ksix on its website.

The brand's complete cardio offering includes products such as exercise bikes connected, treadmills, elliptical bikes or even rowing machines perfect to adapt to any corner of your home.

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In the field you will be surprised not only with the dumbbell kits that our influencers have fallen in love with. . On this website you will also love its adjustable dumbbell models that give the possibility of changing weights in less than 1 second, in the most comfortable and safe way.

The Home Fitness will allow you to open the doors to a new way of practicing sport that is better suited to you and your home, at the best price. A Fitness 5.0 where you set your own limits.

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