In New Testimony, Robert Durst Says Appearing In HBO’s Docuseries ‘The Jinx’ Was A ‘Very, Very, Very Big Mistake’


An alleged murderer is now saying he regrets participating in a documentary series about his alleged murders. According to The Wrap, Robert Durst, the real estate heir accused of killing three people, discussed 2015’s The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst at his trial on Tuesday. And he confessed that getting involved in the program, which led to him being arrested by the FBI and to the trial happening right now, was a “very, very, very, big mistake.”

In the final episode of The Jinx, which aired on HBO, viewers heard a recording of Durst saying, point blank, “What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course.” That’s what led to his arrest. But now he’s saying that that was essentially taken out of context. Durst told the jury that he was referring to evidence that he had written a note to the police alerting them to the body of Susan Berman, his first wife and the first of his alleged victims.

“What I did not say out loud, or perhaps I said very softly, is they’ll all think I killed them all of course,” he said while trying to explain himself.

The feds famously rounded up Durst the day before the final episode aired, having been belatedly made aware of his alleged confession by Andrew Jarecki, The Jinx’s director. (Jarecki also made the 2010 drama All Good Things, with Ryan Gosling as a thinly fictionalized Durst. Durst only participated in The Jinx because he enjoyed that film.) Durst said that after the penultimate episode aired, he fled to New Orleans, bringing with him a gun.

“I was going to shoot myself,” he told the jury.

Durst’s trial originally began in March of last year, some five years after his arrest, but was soon postponed due to the pandemic. It started again in July.

(Via The Wrap)