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“I will be the president of all Chileans,” says Gabriel Boric after his electoral victory

The newly elected president of Chile , the leftist Gabriel Boric , said this Sunday before a crowd of supporters in the center of Santiago that the country is “facing a change in the historical cycle” and that his next Government “cannot waste it”.

In his first public speech after prevail over right-wing José Antonio Kast with 55.8% of the votes , the former student leader assured that his commitment “is taking care of democracy every day” and thanked the other six candidates who competed in the elections .

“The future of Chile needs us all on the side of the people and I hope we have the maturity to have their ideas and proposals to start my Government, “he said.

Boric reiterated, as he did when casting his vote in the morning and in his conversation with the outgoing president, Sebastián Piñera, that will be “the president of all Chileans” , both of those who voted for your project as one of those who chose another alternative or did not attend to vote.

He acknowledged that the times that come “are not easy” and that his Government will have to “face the social, economic and health consequences of the worst pandemic “

, but that they will advance” with short, but firm steps “.

He made a flag for the “social cohesion” for a ” true development and sustainable , for “respect for human rights”, women, “dissidents and diversities”, health “that does not discriminate between rich and poor “,” decent pensions “, ease of access to housing and basic services and the strengthening of public education .

Too had words for the drug trafficking and violence , whom he loves combat, and climate change, which will also fight because “it is not an invention”.

“Of course, not everything can be done at the same time and we will have to prioritize to make progress that allows us to improve”, aware that with a Congress in which neither the left nor the right have clear majorities will have to advance to base of “broad agreements”.

I assure to receive the mandate “with humi ldad “and that its Government project can be synthesized in ” advance responsibly in the changes that Chile has been demanding , leaving no one behind “.

“This means growing economically; convert what some understand as consumer goods into social rights, guarantee a calmer and safer life, deepen the freedoms of all , and especially of all: in our Government women will not back down in the rights and freedoms that they have achieved throughout history, “he said.

35-year-old congressman and former student leader, Boric defines himself as an environmentalist , feminist and regionalist and wants to expand the role of the State towards a welfare model similar to that of Europe.

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    He will be the most leftist president since the government of the overthrown Salvador Allende (1970-1973) and the first that is not part of the two great blocs that shared power since the return to democracy in 1990.

    Your victory tonight was celebrated by hundreds of thousands of people in the center of Santiago.

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