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How To Get Eigaar in FFX (Location + Blitzball Stats)

Eigaar can be found with the rest of the Al Bhed Psyches on the Airship, in a room down past the lower corridor. Just keep going north from where Rin is standing until you run into them.

By default, Eigaar is already a member of the Psyches, so you’ll have to wait until his contract with them expires before you can snap him up.

He’ll cost you 180 gil per game to sign.

Who is Eigaar?

He’s a forward on the Al Behd Psyches.

If you bring him to your team, he’ll do rather good in the same position, but his stats also allow him to be an equally good Defender.

His Catch (CA) isn’t good (at all) so he can never really be a goalie, but that’s okay.

Goalkeeping isn’t meant for everybody – and Eigaar has bigger roles to play.

Eigaar comes out-of-the-box with great Block (BL), Shoot (SH), and Endurance (ED).

In the early-to-mid levels these stats will stay high and make him a star, although he suffers from the unfortunate plateau syndrome that many blitzballers face, where at higher levels his numbers eventually peter out and become just average.

Fortunately that won’t happen until around level fifty or so.

So there’s plenty of good play in him (if you can sign him!)

Is Eigaar Worth It?

If you can get him, yes.

He’s tricky to get because you’ll have to wait out his contact with the Psyches. But if you can sneak in there early, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

He has a strong set of stats right away. And while he does hit a flatline during the latter half of his leveling, he’ll still be a great addition to any blitz team.

He’s especially useful if you’re putting together a squad of good early players to just rush through tournaments to get Wakka’s Overdrive and Celestial Weapons.

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