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How Survivor 41 Finalist Xander Hastings Feels About Dating Following His Stint On The Show

No topic getting zero jury votes on finale evening, Xander Hastings received a lot of affection from Survivor 41 fans. He became as soon as the underdog with a most well-known power within the sport, (even amid the entire changes) and cherished to play with his heart on his sleeve – per chance too great. Some viewers, despite the incontrovertible truth that, were lusting after the 21-year-previous skool on your entire season on social media. The finalist addressed that truth only recently and shared how he feels about dating following his stint on the show.

The fan adoration for Xander Hastings became as soon as, genuinely, giving Survivor Joey Fabulous vibes. (Hastings for sure has the same hair.) When discussing the magnitude of it on Brice Izyah’s Survivor News podcast, the dialog inevitably turned to the Survivor 41 finalist’s dating lifestyles. He confirmed that he became as soon as indeed single but became yet again total about what he’s buying for, asserting:

I verbalize, yeah, I’m ready to mingle. I’m never a doors-closed model of man. It will also reach from anyplace, anytime, so I’m correct keeping my eyes and ears delivery for regardless of comes next. Gawk what lifestyles palms me… It’s all referring to the feeling. If we click on, if we join, and there’s correct some chemistry there, then that’s what issues. I don’t possess any kind. It will reach from anyplace. It’s correct love, if we indubitably feel it then we indubitably feel it, and why ignore that?

All of us know for a incontrovertible truth that Xander Hastings has a puny bit of a form if it manner fellow castmates who tried to blindside him out of Survivor 41. In a deleted scene from the show, he truly admitted to having a crush on his Yase tribemate Liana Wallace your entire time. Wallace later spoke back to the revelation in a publish-sport interview with Leisure Weekly that Hastings became as soon as a “sweetheart.”

As for whether or now not or now not he would date one of many legions of Survivor 41 fans that cherished to conception him play, Xander Hastings stated he hadn’t regarded because it forward of but won’t “rule out” the possibility completely. The host additionally asked if he responds to DMs, which Hastings published became as soon as a “laborious” task in opposition to the discontinue of the season because of most messages would bitch that he became as soon as “robbed” of winning by Erika Casupanan. (One fan has even started up a GoFundMe marketing and marketing campaign to favorable the perceived obnoxious against him.) The Florida native became as soon as frank, despite the incontrovertible truth that, that he “can’t answer” to messages of these sorts.

A important nook of his adoring fanbase additionally contains the LGBTQ team, who affectionately talk to him as “Xaddy.” The Survivor 41 contestant stated he “completely” embraces the entire love. He noted how he and his bromance in Ricard Foye would don’t possess any issues getting the “warmth going” on frigid nights on the island. The fan-current persisted that the premise of “exhibiting homophobia” became as soon as “so international” to him, including:

I judge [Xaddy] is enjoyable. I love playing alongside with it. It’s noble to correct, the rest that gets the team fervent and makes it more enjoyable and keeps Survivor going. You perceive, 20 more years! Let’s correct desire it going…I judge it’s because of I love indubitably firmly imagine that, as soon as you happen to’re gay on your sexuality, it shouldn’t topic what one more particular person’s sexuality is. You is also gay spherical them.

As for the sport itself, essentially the most shipped after player in Survivor 41 is all the manner down to examine out for the million greenbacks again. But for the time being, Xander Hastings’ DMs are delivery to the alive to ladies, guys, and thems available within the market.

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