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How much do the houses of the series we see on TV cost?

How many times have you wondered what it would be like to live in the house from your favorite series? Or how much would it cost them? And have they not complained when they have seen that the work of the protagonist of a fiction is impossible to give him to pay for the great footprint he has? The European savings platform Raisin has set out to find out how much we would have to disburse for residing in the houses that we see on television … and if the fictions are realistic or not when it comes to reflecting how the patio is in the housing market .

Through valuations carried out by experts in the real estate market of Spain and the United Kingdom , comparing them with real houses and also taking into account the location of each residence, the The study reflects, for example, that the audience would not have to scratch their pockets too much to live in the style of the Alcántara from 'Cuéntame', while the properties of Antonio Recio ('La que se avecina') and the clan of 'Aída' would be priced at the same price.

Much less within reach would be the Residences of the characters of productions such as 'Elite', 'The Bridgertons' and 'Gossip girl'. Although they already sell that: luxury and exclusivity.

The flat of 'Aída'

Price: 170,000 euros Monthly mortgage: 464 euros Location: district of Carabanchel (Madrid)

The Telecinco comedy was located in the fictional neighborhood of Esperanza Sur, although it is actually based on Carabanchel , a district in the southwestern suburbs of Madrid. “Compared to other protagonists in the same circumstances, perhaps Aida's house price is one of the most realistic,” the study notes. The two-bedroom house shared by Lorena, Jonathan, Aída and Eugenia (and at certain times also Luisma and Soraya) would cost about 170,000 euros

, which is below the average price of a home in Madrid.

The chalet by 'Los Serrano'

Antonio Recio's flat in 'La que se avecina '

Price: 170,000 euros Monthly mortgage: 464 euros Location: Moraleja de Enmedio (Madrid)

The wholesaler who does not clean fish lives in a two-room apartment in an urbanization on the outskirts of Madrid, Montepinar , which would cost the same as 'Aída'. We do not know if supporting these unclassifiable neighbors would have caused its valuation in the market to drop.

Prince Philippe's palace in 'Elite'

Price: 180,000 .000 Monthly mortgage: 491,593 euros Location: C. de Santa Isabel, 44, 28012 Madrid

This Mansion in the heart of Madrid where Prince Philippe resides, one of the newcomers to the fourth season of the Netflix series, is actually the Palace of Fernán Núñez . The residence, of course, is at the height of the student from Las Encinas, direct heir to the throne of a Central European principality.

Raisin points out that “this type of property is rarely found for sale, so it cannot be compared with other existing properties in the current real estate market.” But they value it at the exorbitant figure of 180 million euros. Curiously, a few years ago it was quite a bargain: the widowed Duchess of Fernán Nuñez sold the palace in 1941 to the National Railway Company (now part of Renfe) for 1.25 million pesetas, which today would be about 7,500 euros.

The house of 'La casa de papel'

Price: 2,000 .000 euros Monthly mortgage: 5,462 euros

Location: Adm. Marqués de Valterra, 6. 28250, Torrelodones (Madrid)

This 1,400 square meter property located in Torrelodones is the building in the that The Professor gathers the whole band for the first time to instruct them for the great coup they will carry out: the assault on the Mint and Timbre.

Although its price (two million euros) makes it inaccessible to Most of them can be rented for events of all kinds.

The pazo de 'Fariña'

Price: 15,102,000 euros Monthly mortgage: 41,245 euros Location: 4-6, 36614 A Abelleira (Pontevedra)

El Pazo de Oubiña , the greatest symbol of luxury of the Galician narcos, is one of the main properties of 'Fariña', the Antena 3 series based on a book by Nacho Carretero , inspired by real events.

The price of the Pazo de Baión is so re to like the characters to which the series refers. Although the heiresses of the Oubiña clan tried to recover their heritage, the rustic farm was finally sold to the Cambodian cooperative Condes de Albarei for more than 15 million euros.

Located in the parish of Baión, Vilanova de Arousa , nowadays the pazo is dedicated to the production of Albariño wine.

The palace of 'The Cook of Castamar'

Price: 9,000,000 euros Monthly mortgage: 24,580 euros Location: Avenida de Adolfo Suárez, 27. 28660, Boadilla del Monte ( Madrid)

Adaptation of a novel by Fernando J. Muñez , the Atresmedia series takes place in the Ma drid of the 18th century. It does not relate real events, although the author affirmed that there is a link with some historical figures.

Much of the plot is located in the Palace of the Duke of Castamar, represented by the Palace of the Infante Don Luis in Boadilla del Monte , a property of more than 6,000 square meters located west of the Community of Madrid.

The Alcántara apartment in 'Cuéntame como pasa'

Price: 140,000 euros

Monthly mortgage: 382 euros Location: Valdezarza neighborhood, near the Dehesa de la Villa (Madrid)

Long have lived The Alcántara in this modest pi so throughout the 20 years on the air that the series has been broadcast. Because we must remember that the series began set in the Franco regime, but its last season broadcast so far (a new one will arrive next week) took a leap in time and allowed us to see how the family of Antonio and Mercedes were facing the coronavirus. The four-bedroom property is located in the Madrid neighborhood of Valdezarza , and would cost about 140,000 euros.

The chalet of 'Los Protectees'

Price: 800,000 euros Monthly mortgage: 2,185 euros Location: Calle de San Juan de la Cruz de Villanueva de la Cañada (Madrid)

Although the Valle Perdido urbanization and the interior are fictitious, the exterior scenes are shot in the (real) street of San Juan de la Cruz de Villanueva de la Cañada , in Madrid. So the estimate for this four-room chalet in which a family with powers lives is around 800,000 euros.

The house of 'Family Doctor'

Price: 650,000 euros Monthly mortgage: 1,775 euros Location: José Manuel Guridi Street (Madrid)

The series starring Emilio Aragón was one of the great phenomena television in the 90s and several European countries made their own adaptation. Nacho, the main widower doctor, moved with his three children and his grandfather to an urbanization in the east of Madrid as soon as the series began. He made it clear that to start that new life he had mortgaged himself: “The house belongs to the bank, but they let us sleep here,” they joked.

From 'The Bridgertons' to 'Gossip Girl'

The study also assesses the price of some series homes set in Great Britain and the USA . Like two of the hit Netflix series 'The Bridgertons' . While the residence of the Duke of Hastings (Wilton house, Wilton, Salisbury SP2 0BJ), of 1,440 square meters, would cost a whopping 118,469,174 euros, that of the protagonist clan (Ranger house, Chesterfield Walk, SE10 8QX, London) would be valued at a not inconsiderable 71,081,504 euros.

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The Van der Woodsen attic in 'Gossip Girl' (300 Eas t 55th Street, New York), with 14 rooms, would amount to 35,540,752 euros, while the price of the mansion of ' The Prince of Bel Air '(, with five rooms and 6,438 square meters, would be 17,770,376 euros.

The appraisal of the mansion of Tommy Shelby, the protagonist of 'Peaky Blinders' (Arley Hall Lodge, Arley, Northwich CW9 6NA, Great Britain), would go up to 11,846,917 euros. Ottis's house in 'Sex education' (Herefordshire, HR9 6JL, Hereford), with four double rooms and one twin, would cost 4,738,767 euros. And Phil and Claire's house in 'Modern family' ( Los Angeles), with two bathrooms, four bedrooms and two living rooms, would be valued at 1,852,211 euros.

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