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How Kim Kardashian Reportedly Feels About Kanye West Taking Another Shot At Pete Davidson In New Music Video

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The issues between exes Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been boiling over for some months. It first started seemingly over a difference in parenting styles, namely their 8-year-old daughter’s TikTok use. However, the rapper has also made it plain publicly that he does not like Kardashian’s new boyfriend, Pete Davidson, in a diss track that threatened violence. He took another shot at the SNL alum with a new music video to accompany the track, and his ex-wife reportedly has some feelings about its contents.

The “Eazy” music video, featuring The Game and Kanye West, sees a Pete Davidson lookalike buried up to his neck by a West lookalike and ends with a cryptic message about who will and won’t have a “happily ever after.” It’s caused some waves, unsurprisingly, with some celebs speaking up in support of Davidson’s position. Kim Kardashian herself hasn’t officially commented on the controversial video, but a source close to the reality star told People that she is allegedly at her wits at this point, saying:

She thinks it’s way too violent and is upset. She’s really upset with Kanye that he’d do this. She’s completely over all of this and she wants it to stop.

In the one and only time the future Hulu star publicly criticized Ye’s behavior of late, she as much as said that she wanted their issues resolved privately. Which has yet to materialize. There have even apparently been security issues for the SNL star in the midst of all the hoopla. The rapper, though, is seemingly happy to be the cause of the reported discomfort and has taken to gloating over the comedian’s hasty exit from Instagram.

If it’s a “Civil War” like Kanye West claims is going on, is he in effect winning? It would seem not entirely given new reports that the 44-year-old has fired yet another lawyer after Kim Kardashian was granted her wish to be legally single in court recently. As a result, the SKIMS CEO has finally taken the West surname off her social media handles.

It’s honestly curious that there is so much animosity over the Keeping Up with the Kaardashians alum dating Pete Davidson when her ex has been dating several women himself since the divorce. The latest whirlwind romance between Kanye West and Julia Fox has only just fizzled out. But he is evidently already moving on with a “Kim Kardashian lookalike” in 24-year-old Chaney Jones, who he has been spotted with lately.

To their credit, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have been holding onto their relationship for about 5 months, despite obvious complaints about it. Davidson appears to be refraining from his usual witty retorts concerning Ye in respect for Kardashian. However, should they break up as the fashion mogul clearly wants to happen, it’ll surely be a no-holds bar roast fest at Studio 8H…

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