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How Justina Machado Really Feels About A Six Feet Under Revival – Exclusive


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By Katy Kroll/Feb. 7, 2022 2: 17 pm EST

As unattainable as it’d also fair seem, the groundbreaking HBO collection “Six Feet Below” is now 20 years popular. The demonstrate specializes within the Fisher family, who owns a funeral dwelling, and uses shadowy humor to explore loss of life and popular family drama. It produced several longstanding stars, including Michael C. Hall, who went on to “Dexter”; Peter Krause, who within the intervening time appears to be like on “911”; and Lauren Ambrose, who’s now on “Servant.”

Yet any other actor’s occupation it kicked off was once that of Justina Machado, who played Vanessa, the wife of Federico Diaz (Freddy Rodriguez). She has since long past on to seem on “Jane the Virgin,” “Queen of the South,” and the “One Day at a Time” reboot, and within the keen “Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild,” which is now streaming completely on Disney .

Machado will forever be tied to “Six Feet Below,” which is rumored to be within the early phases of a revival. For the period of an extraordinary interview with Looper, the “Ice Age” actor printed how she in actuality feels about resurrecting the gathering all these years later.

Justina Machado would ‘absolutely’ opt to be share of a original Six Feet Below

There are very few minute print on hand about the likely “Six Feet Below” revival, with the exception of the indisputable truth that this may possibly occasionally air on HBO all over again and new creator Alan Ball is linked to the mission, which leaves hypothesis about the relate — and the solid — broad delivery.

If it were a mission that incorporated the new solid, would Machado be ? “If it’s the comely roughly revival, I’ll possibly well absolutely opt to be an factor of it,” she says.

As for whether or no longer it’s in actuality a comely understanding to raise assist a demonstrate whose closing episode — wherein the future deaths of the main solid are printed — is lauded as one of television’s handiest, Machado has this to hiss: “I feel it’s huge. I did a revival of ‘One Day at a Time,’ and it was once a colossal success. I feel that there possibly are extra reviews to inform with ‘Six Feet Below.’ I do know that there are quite a lot of of us who don’t opt to appreciate it because they’re fancy, ‘It was once the agreeable ending,’ but there’s loads of existence in between. I’d toughen no matter the group wanted to carry out with ‘Six Feet Below.’”

Machado’s most standard mission, “The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild,” is now streaming completely on Disney .

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