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How Chicago P.D.’s Jason Beghe Keeps Voight From Becoming Boring

When asked regarding the prolonged hours one must work on police procedurals and how he keeps up along with his personality, Jason Beghe stated, “You understand it’s like, how stop you preserve it new on your dangle existence? You know, the personality evolves, or he is going to be tiresome and die. And as I continue to grow, so does he. And, , I’m constantly taking a stare to stare and assemble new things about him, so it keeps it engrossing. Nobody, no longer a personality or particular person, is one order, and there would possibly be continually extra to stare and assemble.”

The personality of Voight has no doubt grown over the seasons, and in no part attributable to the trauma that has occurred on the purpose to. He has witnessed brutal crimes, blackmails, murders, and even suffered the shortcoming of his son and the exploitation of his son’s wife and unborn youngster. Voight has furthermore taken several of his co-staff as protégés and promoted/demoted characters based totally on their actions. Within the raze, Voight is a assorted personality with masses of assorted motivations who most engrossing appears to be like to be growing as the purpose to progresses.

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