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Hololive Teases Holoearth Gameplay

A month after the initial announcement, VTuber agency Hololive released a teaser of Holoearth gameplay. Holoearth is an open-world game, focused on exploring. However, there are plans to add other mechanisms, such as fighting monsters and building.

The gameplay teaser video premiered on 23 November on the official YouTube channel. It featured Hololive talents Shirakami Fubuki and Ookami Mio. Hololive’s head manager and equipment technician, A-chan also joined the stream.

The agency also released photo stills of the game prototype, stating that they will provide additional updates in the near future.

Picture Credits: Hololive Alternative, Hololive © Cover Corp.

About ‘Holoearth’ and ‘Hololive Alternative’

‘Holoearth’ is a metaverse project by Hololive that aims to create a ‘world’ where users can coexist with Hololive talents through gameplay. During the project’s launch last month, they also announced a communication lobby and an avatar creation system for the ‘adventurers’ that will join the site to encourage communication and creativity within the metaverse space. The project is under ‘Hololive Alternative’, a project that aims to create an alternative world with Hololive talents. Hololive Alternative was announced on May 21, with a special video:

Source: Official Holoearth Gameplay Premiere, PR TIMES
© Hololive Cover Corp

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