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Hololive EN 2022 New Year Outfits Revealed

On January 8th and 15th (PST), Hololive EN’s 1st and 2nd Generation revealed their 2022 Fresh Year outfits! The outfit streams were showcased on their channels.

In preference to the identical old line-up, the show of the people modified into as soon as modified to compose up for the technical difficulties skilled in the final Holomyth dress command, Kiara being first round. That is the first time each generations had an unveiling together, also serving as Council’s very first outfit command.

Fresh Year, Fresh Outfits for Hololive EN in 2022

Hololive EN’s Narrative in their 2022 Fresh Year Outfits.

Narrative – January 8th, 2022

  • Takanashi Kiara, 1: 00 PM (PST) / 6: 00 AM (JST)

    Kiara’s lumber is first on the list, inviting the viewers to affix her on a day out to Hokkaido to consult with the mountain shrine! A instant and droll PSA entertains the fans before she moves onto the Kimono command, showcasing an gorgeous white kimono with assorted rebirth motifs, to now not level out a pink soar accent and rooster fan. She also has two hairstyles, adorable twin tails and a protracted straight cease.
  • Ninomae Ina’nis, 1: 30 PM (PST) / 6: 30 AM (JST)

    At the origin witness, you will most seemingly be ready to already command that Ina’s outfit is understated, the spitting image of sophisticated. The diverse patterns on her outfit are placing and suave, and hundreds of the viewers were in scare of the make. She also tells the story of “The Tako Siblings” together with lore to the 2 octopus fashioned hair buns on her head as smartly as her little takodachi handbag.
  • Gawr Gura, 2: 00 PM (PST) / 7: 00 AM (JST)

    Gura’s introduction had quite of a twist, teaching us with the birth of a shark that leads as a lot as her contemporary outfit. The Atlantean’s light blue kimono is expounded to her customary outfit, while her shoulders are uncovered with a white warmer wrapped around her neck. Cute accessories that remind you of fish fins, a adorable detail that goes with her instant hair. Lastly, a little small sits on the pinnacle of her head.
  • Watson Amelia, 2: 30 PM (PST) / 7: 30 AM (JST)

    The shiny yellow and darkish blue palette is an infinite change to her old outfits, but a welcome one. Her koi-themed kimono is easy yet adorable, designed with little orange fishes and bubbles. Which brings us to her dinky associate sitting on the pinnacle of her head, a (robotic) goldfish in a plastic fetch, balancing on the skill’s head. Such as her phoenix buddy, Amelia also has one other hairstyle rather than her instant messy hair – it looks delight in, with the magic of hair extensions, she’s ready to tie her hair in easy twin tails!
  • Mori Calliope, 3: 00 PM (PST) / 8: 00 AM (JST)

    Calliope’s outfit looks acquainted correct off the bat. If you’ve listened to her single Off With Their Heads, you will most seemingly be ready to query the reaper carrying her iconic darkish misty-themed kimono. Carrying a crimson and blue obi with assorted patterns, while rocking a contemporary instant hairstyle. Alongside with her contemporary style are a fox cloak and a sake cup to discontinue the mysterious vibe.

Despite all the issues the people received to hide their contemporary year kimonos, a paunchy member collab modified into as soon as held on Kiara’s Channel, the put they played a pair of rounds of Worms W.M.D.

Now now not most efficient did the idols and viewers fetch pleasure from their sport, but in addition they had intriguing contemporary bulletins, together with their contemporary customary music Scurry Love a Thousand Years, accessible to lumber all on platforms since January 14th. Mori is to blame of the MV and Lyrics, while Ina took care of the illustrations.

Hololive EN’s Council in their 2022 Fresh Year Outfits

Council – January 15th, 2022

  • Tsukumo Sana, 1: 00 PM (PST) / 6: 00 AM (JST)

    The goddess of dwelling welcomed the viewers in her tatami room, leisurely the door main to… outer dwelling? From there began her command, starting from the underside straight seeing the galaxy themed make of her red kimono. The blue, violet and pink gradient make is a adorable make that matches her theme, with the gold linings of the plant life and stars being a nice touch. Nonetheless what indubitably received the chat’s leer modified into as soon as her droll horse cloak as the digital camera pans to the pinnacle, she tells the viewers the debut of Neighbula. In a while, Sana will get rid of the pinnacle to repeat the rest of her aesthetic outfit, hair in twin braids with a little flower pin linked.
  • Ceres Fauna, 1: 30 PM (PST) / 6: 30 AM (JST)

    Fauna’s lumber starts off easy, reviewing the outfit predictions in a cafe before coming abet to the lumber as the chat’s server. Her outfit is eager since the crimson in her clothing is more dominant now. The maid make suits her relaxed personality, especially with the cultured lacing of her apron. Such as her dwelling buddy, mom nature also has her hair in braids.
  • Ouro Kronii, 2: 00 PM (PST) / 7: 00 AM (JST)

    Her lumber could presumably now not had been on the designated agenda, but it’s better to be fashionably unhurried. The Warden of Time’s outfit is that contains an albino snake. The summer season palette is an infinite distinction from her customary one, to now not level out her time-themed fan is a nice touch to her general gape.
  • Nanashi Mumei, 2: 30 PM (PST) / 7: 30 AM (JST)

    The lumber begins with Mumei standing on high of a mountain. The skill tells fans that it’s cool there, and that she wanted one thing to heat her up. She spots a dress store now not long after. As she alters into her contemporary gape, she unveils a white kimono draped with a crimson cape and a brown beret. Objective correct delight in the replacement ladies, she also received a contemporary hairstyle, shorter than her usual. Mumei’s associate has a little hat too, and in her palms is a further owl buddy, resting internal her dinky accent basket.
  • Hakos Baelz, 3: 00 PM (PST) / 8: 00 AM (JST)

    The lumber opens as an otome sport. The god of Chaos asked the chat for lend a hand in selecting out her dresses. Soon after, she begins reviewing the art of her kimono made by the fans, before eventually showcasing the final culmination at the shrine, Baelz wears an gorgeous outfit dominated by yellow, sunless and white. The checkered sample is laced with blue and crimson, designed with assorted plant life of the identical coloration. This time, she’s let her hair down with adorable buns, and he or she’s also received a sunless rat cloak together with the attire!

Objective correct delight in Narrative, a paunchy member collab followed afterward on Ceres’ Channel, the put they’d a hilarious Pictionary lumber. To boot they talked about the customary music from Mumei and Kronii bobbing up. Compose sure to abet an leer out for it!

Will Hololive’s Hope fetch her delight in 2022 Fresh Year Outfit?

Many fans are speculating as to why Narrative and Council are the most efficient ones getting outfits, which modified into as soon as answered at the pinnacle of the legit Reddit thread.

[…] Meanwhile, we regret to remark that we’re suspending the outfit command of Project: Hope. After a thorough discussion with IRyS, we deem that we are succesful of polish the outfit extra to match our resounding VSinger. We are having a witness forward to presenting it to you in a future opportunity.

Source: Legitimate Press Release (EN) on Reddit

Extra on Hololive English

Such as Hololive’s Jap branch, the English branch has opened permanent auditions for Hololive production, whenever you watched you’ll maintain what it takes to be thought to be one of their abilities, you will most seemingly be ready to put together at their website online.

Source: Hololive English on Twitter


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