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Here’s What Keanu Reeves Could Look Like As Ghost Rider


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By Corey Hoffmeyer/Feb. 15, 2022 10: 58 pm EST

Keanu Reeves is without complications one among the most recognizable hurry film stars alive at the present time, and for sincere reason. The “John Wick” motion photos enjoy loved monumental success for being ultra-violent, ultra-moving thriller movies. Overall, all three movies enjoy grossed $573 million worldwide (per The Numbers) and a fourth film is on the model. More now now not too lengthy ago, Reeves starred in the lengthy-awaited fourth entry in “The Matrix” franchise, “The Matrix Resurrections,” although it got a lukewarm response, garnering a 63% critic rating on Execrable Tomatoes.

Nonetheless, fans enjoy lengthy puzzled when Reeves would turn out to be inquisitive in regards to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Reeves has confirmed that he’s met with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige (per Comic E-book) however that they’ve been unable to come aid up with a model to lift the actor into the fold. Naturally, viewers enjoy fan-solid him in many roles, however maybe one among the more popular picks is that of Ghost Rider. Luckily for those fans, some crafty digital artists enjoy imagined what Reeves may well maybe doubtlessly watch be pleased in the feature.

Keanu Reeves is blazing in honest Ghost Rider fan art work

Gradual final year, artist @MizuriAU posted some fanart (by Twitter) of Keanu Reeves with half of of his face engulfed in flame and showcasing the trademark Ghost Rider cranium. From the leather-essentially based jacket, it appears to be like distinct that this exclaim fragment of art work is intended to painting Reeves as the Johnny Blaze incarnation of the personality. Primarily essentially based on the art work on my own, the casting of Reeves appears to be like almost be pleased a no brainer for a “Ghost Rider build-over, following the unhappy reception of the Nicolas Cage “Ghost Rider” movies.

Nonetheless, there’s no guarantee that Reeves will ever step into the feature, especially given his busy agenda with the “John Wick” motion photos and whatever else he has in the pipeline. Furthermore, “The Strolling Dead” smartly-known person Norman Reedus has shown a range of passion in the feature as of unhurried — and there’s identical fan art work obtainable envisioning that casting, too. Both system, it will most doubtless be thrilling for the MCU to proceed pushing in a darker direction with “Ghost Rider. If the upcoming release of the “Moon Knight” series is any indication, Marvel appears to be like more keen to take issues nearer to the sting.

Alas, MCU fans hoping for concrete records referring to the future of the Ghost Rider personality will have to proceed to be patient.

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