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'Hawkeye', Marvel's Christmas surprise

In the hilarious novel Saga , by Tonino Benacquista, a network hires four screenwriters to develop a series from which they do not expect any audience. The premise is simple: “Do what you want while it's cheap.” What happens next deserves a search for the novel, sadly out of print. I will advance that the team is so high that it even plans the destruction of New York meteorite by means of. Of course, austerely, without explosions or shattered Empire State, only with the characters narrating the cataclysm.

Marvel is not supposed to be disinterested in the audience or need for austerity, however it has also pointed to chatter to the detriment of the action. In Loki they underused the most bubbly character in their universe and even an alligator with a helmet – the latter is unforgivable – in favor of cumbersome explanations that reached their zenith in an end closer to those conversations Banco Sabadell's stomachs than a series of superheroes. He followed the path that Falcon and the Winter Soldier had already started with their chatter about class struggle —when we wanted wrestling— and left us the suspicion that Witch Scarlet and Vision had been a beautiful accident, as exceptional as its premise.

It is paradoxical that whoever brings back faith is Hawkeye , the least glamorous of The Avengers . But there is a catch, much of the shine is provided by the overwhelming charisma of Hailee Steinfeld and Marvel is as good as the new sap as changing the galaxies through the streets of New York and the criminals in tracksuits. The result is a joyous series of adventures that does not pretend to be The Falcon and the Arrow or Scaramouche, but at times it has had that vintage aftertaste of the classics that so much warm in the Christmas table.

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