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Great full in the Plaza México and excessive triumph of Antonio Ferrera

The Spanish Antonio Ferrera cut two ears while the Mexicans Diego Silveti and Diego San Román each achieved one in the Corrida Guadalupana of the Monumental Square in Mexico City with a large crowd on the lines, according to Borja Ilián.

Bernaldo de Quirós's bulls had more kilos than trapío, but they stood out first and fifth for their nobility, while those of Fernando de la Mora were discarded.

Almost 100% of the seats were sold and forty thousand spectators packed the lines of the Plaza México, in an emotional afternoon in the same week that a commission of the congress of the Mexican capital tried to make the celebration of bullfights illegal in the City from Mexico.

The fans who came to the Monumental were carried away by the heterodox offer of the Spanish Antonio Ferrera, who carried out a breakthrough, tremendous and spectacular work, but lacking in fighting in the crutch phase.

Ferrera began the task with a deep passage with the cape, in which he verified the joyful onslaught of the animal that humiliated by taking the deceptions.

Then, with a lot of gesture and on the run, Ferrera jumped on the picador's horse and in an unusual image he was in charge of applying a punch from a goal and removes the bull after which he dismounted with a jump, throwing the rod ugly against a mockery, to continue his deal with the cape.

All culture that goes with you awaits you here.


Then came two pairs of flags receiving with a jump and another pair with a jog. With the stretches aroused by the bullfighter's interpretation, away from the rigors that are supposed to be a category square.

Ferrara gave himself the time and the privilege of a return to the ring before a nonexistent crutch task that with the place already surrendered to the Spaniard consisted of loose passes to the match without order or link.

The generalized request for pardon was not answered by the judge of the square who correctly considered that the bull of Bernaldo de Quirós, of little trapío, had not received enough punishment in the third of varas as to deserve forgiveness.

The two ears were the prize for a task that was far from showing off the breed of the animal, wasting it in races, with a circus version of bullfighting.

The other Spaniard, the matador José Antonio Morante de la Puebla, left nothing remarkable in his work in front of two tame and classless bulls.

The other ears of the long confinement of eight bulls, which were nine because of one returned to corrals, added to a previous ceremony of half an hour, were for the Mexicans Diego Silveti and Diego San Román.

The first thanks to a couple of rounds with the right hand in the fourth in the afternoon. For his part, San Román, who took the alternative, began his doctorate with a lot of sense since he understood the noble and gentle onslaught of the buriel.

He executed two very warm and inward batches that were the best passage of the celebration. Then his good work was diluted by poor placement with his left hand. The same situation was repeated with the one that closed the square and with the one that San Roman did achieve the appendix of the animal. The task had moments of value, but it showed a bullfight with more disposition than site.

The last celebration of the cycle concluded the Reopening with a triumph of Antonio Ferrera in the path of his previous great doors in La México, but with a lot of expression and little bullfighting.

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