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Goodbye to the green Milan 430: this mythical eraser will be discontinued

All of us who have passed through the educational circuit in Spain can say that we have had a Milan rubber of the 430 series. Yes, that square eraser that came in various colors and that was incredibly aesthetic until we filled it with the charcoal from the pencils. It usually came in three colors, the most profuse was white, followed by pink, and finally there was also green. However, the latter was the least common to see.

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Unfortunately for stationery lovers, now it is going to be even harder to see, as the Spanish stationery company has chosen to stop producing it . For this reason, the green rubber will no longer be available soon.

Now, surely one day, while you are cleaning your house, you will discover a case from when you went to school. You may have a Milan rubber there, and it may also be green. Green or totally destroyed, because the destination of these poor rubbers was always the pillory.

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