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Giving theater at Christmas: this is the attractive proposal of Grup Focus

Gifts and Christmas always go hand in hand. With the arrival of these dates, many people begin to consider what to give their loved ones . Clothing, technology, beauty products or decorative elements are the most classic present in most homes. Grup Focus proposes a very cultural gift: give away theater tickets .

This business organization, leader in the performing arts sector and one of the main operators in the creation and production of singular events , has launched the Gift Ticket. For a price of 60 euros , the group offers theater lovers two tickets to attend any of the 36 shows of the season 21-22 and that are scheduled in the Teatre Romea, La Villaroel, the Teatre Goya and the Teatre Condal, all of them managed by the group.

Shows for everyone

The programming of the Grup Focus theaters for the 21-22 season is full of great works with a fancy poster. At the Teatre Condal, for example, you can have a good time with the musical “La Filla del Mar”, an adaptation of the classic by Àngel Guimerà , directed by Marc Vilavella and Marc Sambola in the musical, which stars Xavi Casan, Mariona Castillo, Candela Díaz Sanz, Gracia Fernández, Irene Jódar Garcia, Albert Mora, Arnau Puig, Marc Sambola, Clara Solé and Toni Viñals .

“The Great Comediant” by Joel Joan and Hèctor Claramunt will also be available for those who get the Gift Ticket. The play, which can be enjoyed at the Teatre Goya, tells the story of two actor friends with conflicting careers: one has been successful and the other has not. A delusional story that talks about topics such as friendship and success.

Another example would be “Les Irresponsables” by Javier Daulte , directed by Sílvia Munt and starring Cristina Genebat, Marta Marco and Nora Navas . The play, which can be enjoyed at La Villaroel, talks about the lives of three forty-something women who go for the weekend to cheer on one of them after the break with her partner. An endless river of emotions and much more fill this work by the Argentine playwright.

Pere Arquillué, Cristina Plazas, Àgata Roca and Lluís Villanueva

star in “53 diumenges”, a comedy by Cesc Gay that tells the story of some brothers who must decide the future of their demented father. What starts out as a family Sunday discussion, lasts for three weeks. The play is available at the Teatre Romea.

How does the Gift Ticket work?

The operation of the Gift Ticket is simple. Whoever wants to make this gift just has to purchase it through the Focus website. The Ticket contains a alphanumeric code to exchange it for the tickets and a QR that redirects to the page www.regalateatre. cat , where through the option to change the Gift Ticket, you can select the show you want to attend.

The only functions that will not be available are Christmas, San Esteban, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day and Three Kings Day. And, beware! The Gift Ticket can only be exchanged until May 30, 2022 .

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