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Gift Ideas For Dune Fans: 12 Great Dune Gift Ideas For Fans Of The Movie And Book

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Ever since the 1965 release of Frank Herbert’s Dune, the sci-fi epic has been on of most popular and beloved book and film properties. And like any popular franchise that has spawned multiple books, film adaptations, and a deep and rich fandom, there is an infinite amount of great merchandise, so much so that it can sometimes be difficult to navigate. Well, fear not, as we have put together a list of the best Dune gifts for fans of the iconic franchise of all ages (and price ranges). And don’t worry, there aren’t any pain boxes or Gom Jabbars here, but you will find some giant sandworms.

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Dune Penguin Galaxy Special Edition Hardcover Book

Now, there’s a good chance that special someone in your life has one or two copies (or more) of Frank Herbert’s landmark sci-fi epic Dune, but they might not have the Penguin Galaxy special edition hardcover that features an introduction by acclaimed novelist Neil Gaiman. This is an especially great gift for those who were first introduced to the property through Denis Villeneuve’s 2021 adaptation and want to get a head start on the rest of the story before the Dune Part Two comes out in October 2023.

Buy Dune Penguin Galaxy Special Edition Hardcover Book on Amazon.

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Paul Atreides Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

There are Funko Pop! vinyl figures for just about anything and everything that falls under the pop culture sun, including Dune. For example, take a look at this Paul Atreides figure depicting Timothée Chalamet’s version of the film’s main protagonist in all its glory. There is also a chance you will receive a rare version of the figure when you make your purchase, which could be enough to send that Dune fan in your life over the moon with joy.

Buy a Paul Atreides Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure on Amazon.

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Arrakis Landscape Art Print

Arrakis is a deadly planet with its share of hidden dangers and secrets, but it also happens to have one of the most beautiful landscapes in all sci-fi. This glorious art print is proof of that with its depiction of the desert planet’s unforgiving and breathtaking terrain, a partially exposed sandworm, and a Paul Atreides standing atop a mountain. Perfect for the home office, home theater, or living room, this print is a must for Dune fans.

Buy an Arrakis Landscape Art Print on Etsy.

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Dune: A Game of Conquest and Diplomacy

Dune is a book and film franchise that is bursting at the seams with lore, which makes it the perfect property to be made into a board game. There are multiple strategy and tabletop games out there, but one of the most impressive is Dune: A Game of Conquest and Diplomacy produced by Gale Force Nine. The game, which can be played by two to four players, takes anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to complete, and pits multiple houses against one another as they vie for control of Arrakis and its boundless resources. Also, there are two versions of the game: the classic or 2021 adaptation (as seen here).

Buy Dune: A Game of Conquest and Diplomacy on Amazon.

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Visit Arrakis Coffee Mug 

If you are scrambling to find a gift for the Dune fan at the office, in your circle of friends, or in your family, why not play it safe and grab this Arrakis mug that looks like the desert planet’s tourism board took their design lessons from a shop from the 1990s. It’s simple, it’s neat, and it’s pretty, pretty funny.

Buy a Visit Arrakis Coffee Mug on Etsy.

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Jodorowsky’s Dune (Documentary) Blu-Ray

David Lynch’s 1984 adaptation of Dune was the first time Frank Herbert’s iconic novel received the big screen treatment, but it wasn’t the first attempt. The 2013 documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune, takes a deep dive into Chilean-French avant-garde filmmaker Alejandro Jodoroswky’s attempt to bring the book to life in the 1970s, which became one of the most influential projects despite never coming to fruition after years involving H.R. Giger, Dan O’Bannon, Salvador Dali, Orson Welles, Pink Floyd, Mick Jagger, and other notable artists, writers, actors, and musicians.

Buy Jodorowsky’s Dune (Documentary) Blu-ray on Amazon.

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Sandworm Headphone Stand

The giant sandworms in Dune are prone to bust out of the ground if you don’t walk with a certain rhythm, but you don’t have to worry about that with this unique gift. Instead of eating spice mining operations and countless lives, this sandworm instead holds your favorite pair of headphones whether it’s next to your desk or next to your gaming console. Oh, this sandworm can also be used as a vase if you really want to take your flower arrangements to the next level.

Buy a Sandworm Headphone Stand on Etsy.

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Crocheted Mini Dune Sandworm

Okay, if you are looking for a cute stocking stuffer for that Dune fan in your life, look no further than this crocheted mini sandworm that is so adorable you forget these things can wipe out entire civilizations in one swoop. This handcrafted item is ideal for anyone who likes handmade gifts during the holidays, especially those with a history like Arrakis’ sandworms.

Buy a Crocheted Mini Dune Sandworm on Etsy.

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Dune Graphic Novel

If the copy of Frank Herbert’s Dune mentioned at the top of this gift guide isn’t enough, check out this graphic novel adaptation of the classic novel. This detailed and high-quality graphic novel brings to life some of the biggest moments from the first part of Herbert’s masterpiece and comes in a gold-foil stamped slipcase to keep the sacred text protected on a crowded bookshelf.

Buy the Dune Graphic Novel on Amazon.

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Dune 1984 Trading Cards

Remember when trading cards were all the rage? Well, act like it’s 1984 all over again with a set of Dune trading cards released alongside David Lynch’s film adaptation. There are three variants to choose from — Paul Atreides, Princes Irulan, and Baron Harkonnen — with each coming with 10 cards, stickers, and gum (though you probably shouldn’t eat it after 37 years). You can also buy a three-pack that comes with the different variations if you are having a hard time picking just one.

Buy a set of Dune 1984 Trading Cards on Etsy.

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Paul Of Arrakis T-Shirt

This will probably come as no surprise to some of you, but Hot Topic (especially its webstore) has a treasure trove of awesome t-shirts for pretty much every film and TV property ever created, including Dune. One of the best Dune shirts on the retailer’s website is this “Paul of Arrakis” design featuring Timothée Chalamet’s version of the character walking on the desert planet. It’s a bold design that will definitely get some attention.

Buy this Paul of Arrakis T-Shirt at Hot Topic.

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Dune (1984)

And then there is the Dune (1984) special edition Blu-ray set that is a must for diehard fans of property. Although not as ambitious or well-received (initially, anyway) as the 2021 version, David Lynch’s retelling of Frank Herbert’s novel has become a cult classic in the 37 years since its premiere, and continues to be one of the most iconic sci-fi films of all time.

This should be more than enough to set you on your personal journey of bringing joy to the Dune fan in your life this holiday season, especially if they’re upset about the movie leaving HBO Max following a month of streaming.

Buy Dune (1984) Special Edition Blu-ray on Amazon.

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