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Ghislaine Maxwell, convicted of five crimes of sex trafficking of minors

  • A jury convicts Epstein's ex-partner for participating and conspiring in his plot to abuse

  • The most serious of the five charges carries a maximum penalty of 40 years in prison

Ghislaine Maxwell, the 60-year-old woman who was a partner and partner of financier Jeffrey Epstein , has been condemned this Wednesday by a jury in New York for five of the six counts faced by conspiring and participate with him for a decade in his plot of sexual abuse of underage girls . Magistrate Alison Nathan has not set her sights on sentencing but the most serious of the charges of which she has been found guilty, that of sex trafficking of one of the four minors on whose abuses the case has been built, carries a penalty maximum of up to 40 years in prison and in total he faces a potential 65 years in prison. The defense has already announced that it is preparing an appeal.

The six men and six women of the federal jury heard in the process that began the November 29 in Manhattan federal court to 32 witnesses , including those four women who were minors when they were victims of Maxwell and Epstein, who officially committed suicide in a cell in August 2019 while awaiting trial and never got to sit in the bench for his crimes.

After 40 hours of deliberations in six days, they have reached the unanimous verdict in which they have only declared Maxwell innocent of one of the charges, that of “seducing” one of the minors to travel with the intention of involving her in sexual activity illegal.

“Sophisticated Predator”

The jury has aligned itself with its verdict with the final arguments made by one of the representatives of the prosecution, Alison Moe, who assured that Maxwell was “a predator sophisticated that knew exactly what what I was doing and manipulated victims and groomed them for Epstein's sexual abuse .

Government had also denounced that in many cases the were particularly vulnerable due to familiar situations and that it was Maxwell who “ tried to normalize ”these abuses, a statement that the testimonies of the victims confirmed during the trial.

In these statements they told how Maxwell prepared them with lessons and instructions to give massages to Epstein, massages that often end in sexual touching and for which the financier paid hundreds of dollars. Two of them, who were only 14 years old when the sexual abuse began, they stated that Maxwell was sometimes present when the abuse occurred and, in the case of one of them, Maxwell touched her breast directly.

The woman also sometimes organized the flights and other details of the girls' trip to the Epstein residences in Palm Beach (Florida), New York and New Mexico. Those houses were the epicenters, next to his mansion on his island private in the Caribbean, of the supposed sex parties and orgies with young girls organized by the financier, in whose social agenda were prominent politicians such as Bill Clinton and Donald Trump , prominent personalities from the business and academic world such as Bill Gates and Professor Harvard Alan Dershowitz and other celebrities and personalities, such as Prince Andrew , which faces a Virginia Giuffre's civil lawsuit , a young woman who denounces that she was Epstein's “sex slave” and forced to have relations with the son of Elizabeth II. That case is scheduled to be heard next week, when an agreement reached in 2009 by Epstein and Giuffre to seal another civil lawsuit will also be made public by court decision.

Power and connections

Damian Williams, prosecutor for the New York Southern District Attorney's office who has brought the case against Maxwell, has issued a statement praising the unanimous verdict of guilty on those five charges that, he has said, represent “ one of the worst crimes imaginable ”. “The road to justice has been too long but today justice has been done,” declared the prosecutor, who thanked the “courage” of the victims and assured that his office “will always fight to ensure that no one is above the law, no matter how powerful or well connected it is


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