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GFTO, a success story in the competitive video game sector

GFTO is a shooter title that started his journey with a certain presumption. Presented in public during the ceremony of The Game Awards 2017 , his first overall impression caused a very good feeling . It did not matter that it will be the first game from a completely unknown Swedish studio, nor a 'shooter', a genre saturated with offers and even that its proposal will be based on too risky ideas: its developers believed in the project and wanted to demonstrate it.

The game was released in 'Early Access' mode, an expanding format, as it allows developers to collect information and make substantial improvements in the program while the product is being refined. This stage can last for months, or even years. In the case of 10 Chambers, the wait for their coming-out party has lasted a couple of years. Even then it offered good prospects: the reception at The Game Awards in 2017 was warm (not the usual for a game with its credentials) and the following year it received the award for Best Cooperative Game at E3. Already in 2020 he was nominated for the original award ' The Best Game You Suck A't' at the Steam Awards, something like the best game to piss you off.

Now the cycle is completed with the announcement of his commercial debut , (revelation also made in the last ceremony of The Game Awards 2021 ) after receiving the support of the giant Tencent with its new brand Level Infinite, a company with which it will exploit some games in western markets. But let's get back on track. As we anticipated, GFTO is a first-person action and survival game in which we take on the role of a group of prisoners. During the adventure, these poor souls will be forced to descend into a series of galleries of an asteroid infested with aliens, so that cooperation will be vital to overcome the missions, carry large items or survive waves of enemies on low ammo. At this point, coordination and communication with other users is vital , but do not suffer, since its commercial premiere has been accompanied by the possibility of playing alone with the help of a team of bots (quite competent, by the way), which facilitate entry into this cruel universe.

GTFO Version – Launch Gameplay Trailer

Regarding the playable section, GFTO is a 'shooter,' but it does not pretend to be just any . It is not easy, since he has no interest in taking the player by the hand and taking pity on him. An unofficial statistic indicates that only 1.5% of users finish missions , and it is not a linear playful proposal, is based on mission packs called Rundown

, a 4-player cooperative commission battery that is renewed for free from time to time (removing the previous set of objectives). What is the finality? Well, it's simple: that players do not start with the advantage of knowing in advance the strategic places on the maps, varying and keeping them fresh in order to keep the game alive and with an extra point of immersion, all as if it were like the first time. Another important element is the stealth pattern that allows aliens in a lethargic state to only attack if they perceive movement or hear noise around them. So it combines moments of frenetic action with areas full of real environmental tension.

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GFTO basically wants to leave the player with the feeling that is promoted from their story line: as something less than “cannon fodder” sent by a corporation to deal in abandoned underground galleries with hundreds of aliens who will mercilessly throw themselves at him sporting a variety of short- and long-range attacks that is not expected. To all this and with very limited ammunition, he will have to face an endless number of potential threats leaning on companions as disoriented by the dexterity of the extraterrestrial beasts as the player himself.

In short, GTFO is a unique experience, worth sharing –in fact, almost an obligation– although only intended for those who like challenges , and that they maintain their will in good shape in the face of (insured) first failures. A formula that has worked against the current and that points as a cult proposal . One of those titles that you can claim to have played.

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