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Four voices of the crisis in the Argentine corralito, 20 years later

On December 20, 2001, 20 years ago, a helicopter took off from the terrace of the Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires. She was carrying President Fernando de la Rúa on board, who had chosen a safe exit to avoid the crowd that at that time was threatening to assault the government headquarters. Three weeks earlier, a stocks to withdraw savings, the “banking corralito”, mobilized the middle class, which every day took to the streets to ask for a way out of the crisis. Those were the times of spontaneous caceroladas, a trademark of what was the worst economic crisis in Argentina.

20 years after the Argentine crisis

Newsfresh, in partnership with the El Próximo Diciembre project, presents I was there a series of interviews with the protagonists of a crisis that has marked generations in the South American country: