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Former students of the Col·legi de Teatre de Barcelona denounce abusive practices of eight teachers

  • The center ensures that it will investigate the accusations, which put special focus on the conduct of an actor and director

A group of 13 former students of the Col. legi de Teatre de Barcelona have denounced before the direction of this theater school abusive and harassing practices by eight teachers between 2005 and 2020, especially from an actor and director who teaches classes at the center. As reported by the newspaper 'Ara', the complaint of the former students was transferred last Tuesday to the direction of the theater center , which has indicated that it will investigate the facts and contrast them.

Although the complaint points to the behavior of up to eight teachers, it especially affects that of TS, who would have had relationships with various students whom he harassed . One of the complainants affirms that another teacher came to comment, in relation to TS: “They have told me that this year you are the chosen one.” The student adds that the teacher called her frequently, even at night, that he offered to accompany her home, and that he even kissed her at a party, to later ask her to start a relationship, despite the fact that he was married, which produced a situation of anguish that made him leave the world of theater .

Sexist comments

Another student denounces similar events by this teacher, who told other students that he was in love with her, sent her messages to meet and proposed to have sexual intercourse . Other teachers, according to the complainants, made sexist comments towards the students or in their classes made constant jokes of sexual content.

Professor TS has admitted to the newspaper that at the end of year parties, when the female students became his former students, could have “flirted” with some, giving them a kiss

, but denies that he proposed to have sexual intercourse or that he touched the breasts of one of them.

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