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Former Kazakhstan intelligence chief arrested for high treason

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The tension in Kazakhstan no longer ceases the wave of violence in the streets, the arrests in the highest spheres of the country are added. Karim Masimov, former head of the intelligence agency , has been arrested on charges of high treason, as confirmed by the organ itself, after having been removed from office amid recent violent protests.

The National Security Committee (KNB) has indicated in a statement that its former head Karim Masimov was arrested on Thursday following an investigation for crimes of high treason.

The President of Kazakhstan, Kasim Jomart Tokayev , said on Friday that the city Almaty, the epicenter of the protests, has suffered “six waves of terrorist attacks”, while blaming well-trained “gangsters and terrorists” as responsible.

Tokayev has specified through a series of messages published on his account of the social network Twitter that these people are “organized” and has detailed that “ some of it s spoke languages ​​other than Kazakh o ”, underlining that the total number of“ terrorists ”in the Asian country is 20,000.

The largest country in Central Asia has been the scene of protests that broke out on Sunday in the provinces, after a rise in the price of gas, and spread to other cities, and especially to Almaty, the economic capital, where the demonstrations turned into violent and chaotic riots.

A contingent of Russian troops and other allied countries arrived on Thursday at this Former Soviet Republic to support the government and protect official buildings, together with local security forces.

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