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Five epic songs to fire Meat Loaf

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  • Singer Meat Loaf dies at 74

Michael Lee Aday, better known as Meat Loaf, has left us at the age of 74. He rose to fame with his 'Bat Out of Hell' from the year 77 and in his long career of six decades he sold a hundred million albums worldwide.

Of course, you have to remember his 'Paradise By the Dashboard Light' from 1977 of his most successful album, previously mentioned, 'Ball Out of Hell'. 45 years after its release, no less, this song accumulates 100 million listeners on Spotify. A crazy song with a lot of changes in its eight minutes and that meant an alliance again with Jim Steinman, the producer Todd Rundgren

, the singer Ellen Foley and even the baseball player Phil 'Scooter' Rizzuto in this ode to sex and love, and humor, in a kind of micro-musical in itself.

The homonymous song 'Ball Out of Hell' is another notch of his intense identity multisigns. Almost ten changing minutes, with an introduction that goes from progressive rock to heavy, continuing towards honeyed softness in a new composition by Steinman in a very Queen register. The album to which this song gives its name, with a teenage-freak cover, was considered the 343rd best album in history by Rolling Stone. Definition: Wagnerian rock.

On his '81 'Dead Ringer', with Steinman songs once again, this 'I´m Gonna Love appeared Her for Both of Us'. The inscrutable designs that make a song succeed from another similar one that turns out to be a failure have here a perfect candidate for their exemplification since, following the already marked guidelines, they failed to repeat their previous commercial triumph.

Finally, we come with this 'Modern Girl', a song written by Paul Jacobs and Sarah Durkee, and performed by Meat Loaf which was the first single from his '84 Bad Attitude' and that speaks of a leap forward in personal relationships and of fighting to take the destiny of your life like never before without ties. We are talking about one of the few successes that the singer achieved during the 80s, even managing to enter the UK list. His mythical initial keyboard had its replica embedded in memory with that hyper-repetitive chorus of 'Gimme the future' that ends in a solo of 'guitar hero', the house brand of a type of highly charged music and that Meat Loaf had one of its most successful exponents.

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