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Fernando León de Aranoa publishes the script for 'The Good Patron', his film nominated for the Oscars

The director Fernando León de Aranoa has presented the script for his latest film, 'El buen Patron' , a story that he had been pursuing for “a long time” and that he wanted to tell, which has achieved 20 nominations for the 36th edition of the Goya Awards and is in the race for the Oscar for the best international film. “I always wanted to write this type of script, the one that teeters between laughter and terrible . I was attracted to the idea of ​​doing something like this for a long time and, of course, it was clear to me that later I also wanted to direct it, thus completing the entire phase of a film project “, said the director and screenwriter.

The script, which is already on sale through the website, has been edited in facsimile including drawings of the storyboard, the shooting schedule, annotations of the essays , as well as modifications of some text, scribbles, camera positions and notes from the shooting of the tape.

Julio Blanco ( Javier Bardem ) is the owner of the White Scales factory, inherited from his father . The “boss” likes to have everything under control, including the will of his employees, so he will have no qualms about firing anyone he no longer considers necessary.

León de Aranoa, who many years ago worked as a scriptwriter for various television programs, as well as films for other directors or for the comedy group Martes y Trece , on this occasion he has used comedy to carry out a social satire on work spaces and dynamics.

“This story is so real and so terrible that the only way to approach it and tell it was by doing it through humor. I have not abandoned comedy n Unca, it is a genre that I love. In this case, the idea of ​​humor was linked to the history of the character and how it develops with factory workers “, he detailed.

One way of portraying a week in the life of an unscrupulous guy in which the viewer, without drinking or eating it, becomes one more victim , but all through laughter: “Recently in one of the US premieres the public laughed a lot with the film, laughed with the character de Blanco, there was a compression of the humor of that mean character “, explained the director.

In this way, the filmmaker returns to the tenderness of his first works 'Familia' (1996), 'Barrio' (1998) and 'Mondays in the sun' (2002), but from a very current, very sarcastic, ironic and scathing view. “When I wrote the script I wasn't thinking about 'Family' at all, it just came up, but it's true that many people have told me that it has certain similarities,” he points out.

The script of the film is basically focused on making things difficult for Blanco, to the point of getting him out of his boxes in certain Sometimes, that is why the director himself has given so much weight and importance to the secondary characters as to the protagonist. “I try to write all the characters as if they were the protagonist of the film. And in the filming the same, I treat each actor in case they were the main character “, he clarifies.

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