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FBI: Most Wanted’s Jess Seizes An Opportunity With Sarah In First Look At Episode Before Julian McMahon’s Exit

(Image credit rating: Fee Schäfer/CBS)

Trade is on easy the kind to FBI: Most Wanted with the upcoming departure of enormous name Julian McMahon, however followers don’t have to utter goodbye to Jess LaCroix staunch yet. There’s mild one episode left sooner than the massive exit episode, and a well-known uncover at what’s on the kind reveals that Jess will have interaction an different to exhaust a whereas with Jen Landon’s Sarah Allen. And this can dangle altering from his typical FBI agent apparel into something a bit fancier! 

The following episode of FBI: Most Wanted, called “Overpassed,” will air on February 22 on CBS and repeat a facet of Jess that followers haven’t gotten to see powerful of over time to this level. With the group of workers on the hunt for a murderous fugitive businessman, Jess will take the chance to “correctly court Sarah” now that they’ve an empty nest with out Tali. In some first uncover photos, it certainly appears savor he’s doing an very righteous job with the courting. 

(Image credit rating: Fee Schäfer/CBS)

Sarah is all smiles within the black and white photos of her and Jess evidently out on the town to portion a dance, whereas dressed up plenty fancier than when hanging spherical the home. She no doubt frequently isn’t carrying a lovely costume when working as a using trainer, and judging by the uncover on her face, Jess’ efforts to charm her are working wonders. And per the uncover on his face, spending a whereas alongside with her formula plenty to him:

(Image credit rating: Fee Schäfer/CBS)

Jess struggled with Tali’s desire to switch to boarding school for loads of episodes in Season 3, and it’s easy to address some separation fright after her lifestyles turned into as soon as in serious peril as a consequence of the Season 2 finale cliffhanger. Aloof, he got right here spherical, and now it’s definite that he found a silver lining to announcing goodbye to his daughter. He most efficient has eyes for Sarah within the photos, and the background indicates that they’re playing a nice night time out collectively:

(Image credit rating: Fee Schäfer/CBS)

With most efficient a single episode left sooner than Julian McMahon’s final one as enormous name of FBI: Most Wanted and huge questions about how the repeat will address his exit, followers can uncover forward to seeing a softer facet of Jess than comes out when he’s hunting down unhealthy criminals. One other image reveals staunch how savor he and Sarah in actuality dressed up for their dance date, with Sarah in a appetizing long dress:

(Image credit rating: Fee Schäfer/CBS)

Now, none of this is to utter that “Overpassed” will be an hour of Jess wooing Sarah, because it wouldn’t be FBI: Most Wanted if there wasn’t a base man making an strive to evade the authorities whereas the group of workers works their hardest to take them. Most up-to-date episodes of Season 3 have showcased diverse people of the group of workers beyond Jess, so they must mild be in a build to raise on with out him even sooner than the arrival of Dylan McDermott’s unique personality. As for what to await from the February 22 episode that will just Jess and Sarah dressed to the nines, the episode description from CBS sheds some gentle: 

The group of workers searches for a fugitive businessman wished for murder in an embezzlement plot. Meanwhile, Jess takes his empty nest as an different to correctly court Sarah.

Tune in to CBS at 10 p.m. ET on Tuesday, February 22 to see the “Overpassed” episode of FBI: Most Wanted. This could per chance be the final unique episode of the repeat sooner than Julian McMahon’s exit as Jess on March 8, so it’s no doubt not an episode to put out of your mind. Most Wanted comes after FBI: Worldwide at 9 p.m. ET and FBI at 8 p.m. ET for a tubby night time of action on CBS within the 2022 TV schedule

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