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“Fantasy Bishōjo Juniku Ojisan to” T.V Anime Streams by Ani-One YouTube Channel

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2022)

On Monday, Ani-One YouTube channel streams Life with an Current Guy Who Reincarnated correct into a Total Fable Knockout (or Fable Bishōjo Juniku Ojisan to in Japan) anime assortment. The Fable Bishōjo Juniku Ojisan to anime will circulate from Wednesday, 12th January 2022. 

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Furthermore, they say that they’ll circulate a intellectual version of the anime assortment. And additionally,  new episodes will arrive every Wednesday at 1 p.m IST. Ano-One announced that the anime assortment will circulate in Hong Kong and India alongside with in each place Asia which consist of 42 completely different international locations of the continent. Furthermore, the assortment is created by you Tsurusaki and Shini Ikezawa that you may perhaps more than seemingly also accumulate the synopsis of the legend launched by Ani-One:

Two customary guys who had been chums since childhood all straight away reincarnated into one other world. On the opposite hand, one in every of them was correct into a sexy woman?! A romantic comedy between these two “guys” is ready to initiate!

”Earlier than we drop in like with every other, we have got to defeat the demon king!”


In Asia, the Fable Bishōjo Juniku Ojisan to Japan T.V anime will premiere after a day of legitimate initiate in Japan. In other words, in Japan, the Fable Bishōjo Juniku Ojisan in Japan will initiate on 11th January 2022 on two predominant channels – TV Tokyo and BS TV Tokyo (on 14th January 2022). 

The outlet theme music “Akatsuki no Salaryman” and ending theme music “FANTASY to!.” is made by Yoshiki Fukuyama and Luce Twinkle Wink respectively. 

Source: Ani-One’s Fb page via Anime Info Community

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