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Faiq Bolkiah, the richest footballer in the world is left without a team

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Overnight, the footballer richest in the world has been left without a team to play on. No, it's not that something has happened to Leo Messi at Paris Saint-Germain; the protagonist is Faiq Bolkiah, 23-year-old midfielder and nephew of the Sultan of Brunei, who accumulates a fortune of 20,000 million euros and He was a member of the Marítimo de Funchal squad for a year and a half … until yesterday.

The player, born in Los Angeles, landed in the Portuguese First Division with the intention of adding minutes, but the reality has turned out to be very different: they have reached an agreement to terminate their contract with the Madeira club. To the point that has not even debuted with the red-green shirt . The result is that Bolkiah will continue to be that unknown millionaire who travels in expensive cars off the pitch.

Luxury life on the Portuguese island is already in the trunk of memories for this boy touched by a magic wand. He has dual citizenship, American and Bruneian , and is the son of the Prince of this exotic territory of Southeast Asia, Abdul Malik, as well as a nephew of the Sultan of the tiny country, Muda Hassanal Bolkiah. His unusual story is based on a authentic rain of millions , reason for conversation for his mates in the Madeiran team, who wander in the middle of the Portuguese League table.

Faiq Bolkiah had hardened in the training academies of Arsenal, Chelsea and from Leicester. From there he jumped to the home island of Cristiano Ronaldo, who stood out in the other prominent club there: Nacional. In fact, one of the reasons for his signing for Marítimo was to be able to immerse himself in the spirit of his great idol, given that Funchal exhibits its veneration for “CR7” in the form of statues and naming the international airport with its name. That is where the wealthiest player on the planet wanted to adapt to the reality of the Portuguese League, without forgetting that such a location allowed him to enjoy a temperate climate.

Lavish amounts of money have surrounded Bolkiah since he was little and, consequently, he was predestined to surpass Messi, Neymar, Mbappé, Lewandowski or Ronaldo himself in profits. The extra-sports aura of this young man again marks his peculiarity and it shows that does not have to deal with the pressure of earning his salary . So you can focus on fulfilling your dreams in professional soccer.

You have just played, for now, for the Brunei national team , which he chose out of respect for his family traditions. So much so that he never considered defending the United States jersey. A circumstance that represents a gesture of loyalty to the homeland of his father and uncle.

It is unknown what his next football destination will be and vital, while the chronicles from Madeira indicate that one of his great wishes is not to miss the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Football is his passion, and his time in the United Kingdom has left his mark in this regard. We are, therefore, before a different player, who has revolutionized the life of this corner open to the Atlantic Ocean, each time he allowed himself to be seen accompanied by the entourage that covers him wherever he goes .

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