Everything We Know About ‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 2

The first season of Netflix’s new post-apocalyptic series, Sweet Tooth, is a journey. It’s a journey through endless woods and eerily idyllic neighborhoods — through the tragic inevitability that is death, and the preciousness of life. However, there’s no denying that by this journey’s end, we are left in a pretty grim situation and with way more questions than answers. If you just finished it up, you’re probably wondering what’s next for Gus, Jepperd, and the rest of Sweet Tooth‘s motley crew. If you haven’t, here is your sign to minimize this article and do so now, firstly because it’s well worth the watch, and secondly because big spoilers for the first season follow. Like, bigger than Big Man big, so consider yourself warned.

Before we talk about what the second season of Sweet Tooth might have in store for us, let’s recap where we left off. When the first season of Sweet Tooth comes to a close, nearly every last character in the show is in pretty damn close to the worst position they could be in. For starters, our sweet young buck Gus has been captured by Last Men and is currently awaiting a pretty grisly death at Dr. Singh’s forced hands. While he does finally find some semblance of the family he’s been looking for among the hybrid children he is imprisoned with, many of them were raised by Aimee Eden who is currently grappling with her grief and anger at losing them. Included in this group of hybrids is Wendy, the long-lost sister of Becky (aka Bear) and Aimee’s adopted daughter, and only time will tell when she’s up next on the lab table.

Meanwhile, Aimee has recovered the nearly-fatally wounded Jeppard, and while he is thankfully still alive, he’s forced to reconcile with Gus being stolen and him being in no condition to go out and get him back. Oh, and this is all on top of the big reveal we got earlier in the episode that Jeppard is husband to a missing wife, and father to young hooved hybrid. Perhaps the only character with some good luck is Birdie, Gus’ “mother” who is currently seeking a cure for the Sick up in Alaska. Right before the final episode fades to black, we see her making contact with Becky, who is sure to fill her in on things and get even more balls rolling.

So, all things considered — and unless this show wants to end in an appalling bleak manner — a second season of Sweet Tooth feels necessary. So much so that it is almost shocking it wasn’t announced as a two-part series initially. As things stand right now, we still don’t know what caused hybrids or the Sick, or if the two are at all related. None of the show’s characters have gotten their happy endings, nor have they even fully plunged into their bad ones. And while the show is based on a comic series by the same name, there are enough deviations from the source material that we can’t really point to it as a solid indicator of what to expect in future seasons. For example, in the show, certain major characters, such as Aimee, have been added, and key plot points, like Jepperd turning in Gus to the Last Men to retrieve his wife’s bones, were scrapped. While this could be a bit frustrating for comic fans, it is enthralling not knowing exactly how things will ultimately play out for the Sweet Tooth crew.

However, even now a second season of Sweet Tooth has yet to be confirmed, despite Netflix Geeked Week addressing the show during their June 8 festivities. That being said, Sweet Tooth did only hit Netflix on June 4, so it seems likely the streaming service is waiting just a bit longer to see how it does before giving the showrunners the green light. Luckily for Sweet Tooth fans who might be feeling a bit nervous after Jupiter’s Legacy was given the ax, the show its been received extremely well by both viewers and critics. While both shows jumped to the top of Netflix’s most-streamed content list, Jupiter’s Legacy currently rests at a 45 on Metacritic whereas Sweet Tooth is sitting pretty at 75. It seems likely the announcement will come later this year, and until then at least we’ve got plenty of other Netflix original series to tide us over.