Everything Coming To (And Leaving) HBO And HBO Max In September


HBO and HBO Max launch into the month of September with a star-studded prestige drama, a terrifying horror flick, a new season of a comic book favorite, and plenty of classic blockbusters to keep movie lovers happy this Fall.

First up is Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain’s marriage drama, a limited series that’s definitely angling for some early awards season buzz. Then there’s James Wan’s nightmarish film starring Annabelle Wallis. And finally, a new season of Doom Patrol promises more ridiculous superhero hijinks and maybe some wild time travel escapades.

Here’s everything coming to (and leaving) HBO and HBO Max this month.

Scenes from a Marriage (HBO Limited Series Premiere 9/12)

Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain star in this English-language remake of a classic Swedish miniseries from Ingmar Bergman about the dissolution of a marriage between a successful lawyer (Chastain) and her psychology professor husband (Isaac). It looks to be more of a masterclass in acting from two stars at the height of their careers than anything else, but that’s reason enough to watch for us.

Malignant (Warner Bros. Film Premiere 9/10)

James Wan’s latest effort is this terrifying cerebral thriller about a woman (Annabelle Wallis) whose nightmares become reality. Wallis plays Madison, a woman who has visions of grisly murders and other haunting experiences, who slowly discovers her waking dreams have become reality. Don’t expect to sleep at night after this one.

Doom Patrol (HBO Max Original Season 3 Premiere 9/23)

Season three of the terrific HBO Max comic series returns although where and when are irreverent superheroes are is still anyone’s guess. A bunch of new villains and questionable allies pop up, familial drama takes center stage, and some trippy time travel throws everything into whack this season.

Here’s Everything Coming To HBO & HBO Max This September:

Avail. 9/1

A Hijacking, 2013 (HBO)

The Animal, 2001 (HBO)

Army Of Darkness, 1993 (HBO)

The Benchwarmers, 2006 (HBO)

Bodas de Oro (aka The Anniversary), 2019 (HBO)

The Cell 2, 2009 (HBO)

Cloverfield, 2008 (HBO)

Dead Again, 1991 (HBO)

Deck the Halls, 2006 (HBO)

Detour, 2017 (HBO)

Drinking Buddies, 2013 (HBO)

Epic Movie, 2007 (Extended Version) (HBO)

Event Horizon, 1997 (HBO)

The Evil Dead, 1983 (HBO)

Evil Dead 2, 1987 (HBO)

Flawless, 2008 (HBO)

The Forgotten, 2004 (HBO)

Fun Size, 2012 (HBO)

The Gallows, 2015 (HBO)

The Good German, 2006 (HBO)

The Good Heart, 2010 (HBO)

The Goonies, 1985

Green Lantern, 2011

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, 2002

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, 2011

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, 2005

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, 2009

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, 2007

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, 2004

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, 2001

Impostor, 2002 (Director’s Cut) (HBO)

Inheritance, 2020 (HBO)

In the Heart of the Sea, 2015 (HBO)

Kany Garcia: Soy Yo En Vivo, 2019 (HBO)

King Kong, 2005 (Extended Version) HBO)

Lady in the Water, 2006 (HBO)

Meet Me in St. Louis, 1944

Mr. Nobody, 2013 (Extended Version) (HBO)

My Golden Days, 2016 (HBO)

Nanny McPhee, 2006 (HBO)

Oblivion, 2013 (HBO)

On the Town, 1949

Ouija: Origin of Evil, 2016 (HBO)

Paulie, 1998 (HBO)

The Poet Of Havana, 2015 (HBO)

Prime, 2005 (HBO)

Prince Avalanche, 2013 (HBO)

Reik En Vivo Desde El Auditorio Nacional, 2015 (HBO)

Rent, 2005 (HBO)

Romeo Santos The King Stays King: Live At Madison Square Garden, 2012 (HBO)

Santana – Corazon: Live From Mexico, Live It To Believe It, 2014 (HBO)

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, 2012 (HBO)

Severance, 2007 (HBO)

Showdown In Little Tokyo, 1991 (HBO)

The Song Remains the Same, 1976

Taken 2, 2012 (Extended Version) (HBO)

Thalia Viva Tour En Vivo, 2014 (HBO)

That’s Entertainment!, 1974

That’s Entertainment! II, 1976

That’s Entertainment! III, 1994

Transformers, 2007 (HBO)

Undisputed, 2002 (HBO)

Vanilla Sky, 2001 (HBO)

View from the Top, 2003 (HBO)

What They Had, 2018 (HBO)

What Women Want, 2000 (HBO)

Yandel: Legacy – De Lider A Leyenda Tour, 2015 (HBO)

Avail. 9/2

Adventure Time: Distant Lands – Wizard City, Max Original Special Premiere

Sweet Life: Los Angeles, Max Original Season Finale

Avail. 9/3

Amaraica, 2020 (HBO)

At Last, 2020

Bittu, 2020

Coffee Shop Names, 2020

Liberty Kid, 2007

Avail. 9/4

News of the World, 2020 (HBO)

Avail. 9/7

Hard Knocks ’21: The Dallas Cowboys, Season Finale (HBO)

Avail. 9/8

Nasciturus, 2021

Avail. 9/9

Mad Max: Fury Road, 2015

Sweet Life: Los Angeles, Max Original Reunion Special

Mortal Kombat, 2021 (HBO)

Avail. 9/10

Elliott from Earth, Season 1

Malignant, Warner Bros. Film Premiere, 2021

Avail. 9/11

Ben 10, Season 4C

NYC Epicenters 9/11→2021½, Documentary Series Finale (HBO)

Walker, Season 1

Avail. 9/12

Scenes from a Marriage, Limited Series Premiere (HBO)

Avail. 9/13

Care Bears: Unlock the Magic

I’m Sorry

Little Ellen, Max Original Series Premiere

Avail. 9/15

A La Calle, 2020

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, 1966

Avail. 9/16

Tig n’ Seek, Max Original Season 3 Premiere

Avail. 9/17

Apple & Onion, Season 2B

Cry Macho, Warner Bros. Film Premiere

El Cuartito, 2021 (HBO)

Superman & Lois, Season 1

Avail. 9/18

The People v. The Klan

Avail. 9/20

Hard, Season 3 Finale (HBO)

Total Dramarama

Avail. 9/21

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (HBO)

Avail. 9/23

Ahir Shah: Dots, Max Original Special Premiere

Doom Patrol, Max Original Season 3 Premiere

The Other Two, Max Original Season 2 Finale

Avail. 9/25

Promising Young Woman, 2020 (HBO)

Avail. 9/26

Nuclear Family, Documentary Series Premiere (HBO)

Avail. 9/27

Huesped Americano (aka The American Guest), Series Premiere (HBO)

Little Sky, 2021 Asian Pacific American Visionaries Short (HBO)

Neh, 2021 Asian Pacific American Visionaries Short (HBO)

Unmothered, 2021 Asian Pacific American Visionaries Short (HBO)

Avail. 9/29

Entre Hombres (aka Amongst Men), Series Premiere (HBO)

Avail. 9/30

The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo, Max Original Season 2 Premiere

Ten-Year-Old Tom, Max Original Series Premiere

Those Who Wish Me Dead, 2021 (HBO)

The Way Down, Max Original Series Premiere

Yabba-Dabba Dinosaurs, Max Original Series Premiere

Here’s Everything Leaving HBO & HBO Max In September

Leaving 9/5

Lost Resort, 2020

The Suicide Squad, 2021

Leaving 9/12

CHIPS, 2017 (HBO)

Leaving 9/19

Ford V. Ferrari, 2019 (HBO)

Norm Of The North: King Sized Adventure, 2019

Reminiscence, 2021

Leaving 9/20

Doctor Sleep, 2020 (Director’s Cut) (HBO)

Leaving 9/24

King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword, 2017 (HBO)

Leaving 9/30

Abandon, 2002 (HBO)

Abuela’s Luck, 2019 (HBO)

Addicted to Love, 1997

American History X, 1998

The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, 1974 (HBO)

Being Julia, 2004

The Butcher’s Wife, 1991 (HBO)

Cabaret, 1972

Camelot, 1967

City of Angels, 1998

The Craft, 1996

Dark Shadows, 2012 (HBO)

Deerskin, 2020 (HBO)

Demolition Man, 1993

The Devil’s Advocate, 1997

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, 2002

Drumline, 2002 (Extended Version) (HBO)

Dumb & Dumber, 1994

The Electric Horseman, 1979 (HBO)

Endings, Beginnings, 2019 (HBO)

Escape from New York, 1981

Eye for an Eye, 1996 (HBO)

Fierce People, 2007 (HBO)

Final Analysis, 1992 (HBO)

The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, 2000 (HBO)

The Flintstones, 1994 (HBO)

Fracture, 2007

From Dusk Till Dawn, 1996

Full Beat, 2018 (HBO)

Ghosts of Mississippi, 1996

Gold Diggers of 1933, 1933

Gold Diggers of 1935, 1955

The Graduate, 1967

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, 2009

Happy-Go-Lucky, 2008 (HBO)

Hardball, 2001 (HBO)

Haywire, 2012 (HBO)

Honeymoon in Vegas, 1992

House Arrest, 2012 (HBO)

House on Haunted Hill, 1999

In & Out, 1997 (HBO)

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, 1993 (HBO)

Jason X, 2002

Jerry Maguire, 1996

JFK, 1991

Joe Versus the Volcano, 1990

Kicking & Screaming, 2005 (HBO)

Klute, 1971

Labyrinth, 1986

Las Herederas (aka The Heiresses), 2019 (HBO)

Last Action Hero, 1993

Leatherface Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, 1990 (HBO)

The Longest Yard, 1974 (HBO)

The Man With The Iron Fists, 2012 (Unrated Version) (HBO)

Marie Antoinette, 2006

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, 1997

Midway, 2019 (HBO)

Million Dollar Mermaid, 1952

Miss Firecracker, 1989 (HBO)

Miss Sharon Jones!, 2015

Murder at 1600, 1997

Murder by Numbers, 2002

Must Love Dogs, 2005

My Bloody Valentine 3-D, 2009 (HBO)

My Super Ex-Girlfriend, 2006 (HBO)

Nights in Rodanthe, 2008

No Reservations, 2007

Not Another Teen Movie, 2001

Observe and Report, 2009

Ola de Crimenes (aka Crime Wave), 2018 (HBO)

Once Upon a Time in Mexico, 2003

One Day, 2001 (HBO)

Outbreak, 1995

Pleasantville, 1998

Point Break, 1991 (HBO)

The Polar Express, 2004

Practical Magic, 1998

Primal Fear, 1996 (HBO)

The Prince of Tides, 1991

Raw Deal, 1986 (HBO)

The Return, 2006 (HBO)

The Right Stuff, 1983

Rumor Has It…, 2005

Scary Movie, 2000

Scary Movie 2, 2001

Scary Movie 3, 2003

Scream, 1996

Scream 2, 1997

Scream 3, 2000

The Search for Santa Paws, 2010 (HBO)

Short Circuit, 1986

Single White Female, 1992

Slackers, 2002

Snakes on a Plane, 2006

Soldier, 1998

The Sweetest Thing, 2002

Tango & Cash, 1989

Ted, 2012 (Unrated Version) (HBO)

Tequila Sunrise, 1998

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, 2006 (Extended Version) (HBO)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 2003

The Time Machine, 1960

Tin Cup, 1996

Torch Song Trilogy, 1988

Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection, 2012

The Upside of Anger, 2005

Victor/Victoria, 1982

The Warriors, 1979 (Director’s Cut) (HBO)

The Watch, 2012 (HBO)

Willard, 1971 (HBO)

Wings, 2012