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Every Black Widow Reference In Hawkeye


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By Reagan Kelly/Jan. 8, 2022 12: 01 pm EST

This article contains spoilers for “Hawkeye” and “Dark Widow.”

The Disney sequence “Hawkeye” follows title character Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) as he grapples with the lasting outcomes of “Avengers: Endgame,” while going up against the Tracksuit Mafia and Kingpin himself (Vincent D’Onofrio) — all in time to be home for Christmas along with his family. Hailee Steinfeld makes her long-awaited Wonder debut as Kate Bishop, who will soon decide over the moniker of Hawkeye within the next section of the MCU. Director Rhys Thomas consciously gave nods to many Christmas classics in “Hawkeye,” with its “Die Onerous”-adjacent circulation scenes underscored with Christmas track and the festiveness of Contemporary York Metropolis. 

Following the premature loss of life of beloved Avenger, Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson), Wonder followers had been glad to assemble a plethora of homages to the Dark Widow within the most up-to-date Disney sequence. These references got right here within the create of acquainted tactical strikes, visual parallels, and stable female personalities. Study on to search out out each and each Dark Widow reference found in “Hawkeye.”

Cinematic parallels

The Wonder Cinematic Universe in overall uses visual parallels to drive home the emotional impact of a scene. An fantastic example that many followers picked up on changed into in episode 4 at some point of a fight between Yelena (Florence Pugh), Clint, and Kate on a rooftop. Amidst struggling with the particular person she thinks killed her sister, Yelena throws Kate off the roof, handiest for her to be left dangling mid-air by a grappling hook Yelena had tied to her. 

Wonder junkies might per chance per chance well need seen the putting similarities of this scene to Natasha’s final scene in “Avengers: Endgame.” When Clint makes an strive to sacrifice himself on Vormir for the soul stone, Natasha employs a identical tactic by at this time attaching a grappling hook to Clint, in insist to defend up him suspended within the air, giving her the different to sacrifice herself in its put of him. That’s as wisely as to the visual parallels of Clint having a see down at each and each Kate and Natasha as he permits them to transfer in each and each respective scene.

The similarities don’t discontinue there. Have confidence in thoughts the scene the put the Tracksuit Mafia is throwing Molotov cocktails at Kate’s apartment, when one is intercepted by Clint and thrown upright help at them. In this scene, Clint punches thru the glass window in insist to determine the bomb sooner than it makes contact with the building. Clint apparently picked up this trick from Natasha — she makes a identical transfer “Captain The united states: The Iciness Soldier,” when she shoots thru a window she is ready to swing thru, in insist to within the reduction of the anguish.

The shot he didn’t decide

In Episode 4 of “Hawkeye,” titled “Partners, Am I Most attention-grabbing?”, Kate and Clint revel in a Christmas movie night, total with pizza, relaxed sweaters, and a few mild coin throwing. Throughout their bonding session, Kate asks Clint to listing his easiest shot to her, to which he says it’s the one he never took. Clint goes on to present that he changed into tasked to shatter somebody, but upon finding his target, he didn’t decide the shot because he felt that she wanted out. Turns out Clint changed into upright, and that particular person changed into Natasha.

Clint might per chance per chance well see in Natasha’s eyes that she wanted help and therefore saved her, main to them forming a conclude bond and partnership. In parallel, at some point of the rooftop fight between Yelena and Clint, there comes a moment when Kate has a obvious shot of their opponent, but she in the end decides no longer to determine it. It appears to be to followers that Kate might per chance per chance well sense that Yelena wanted help, and thus spared her life (although Yelena later laughs off the risk of Kate beating her). 

This marks a prominent parallel between all four characters. Many followers see ahead to the unusual generation of Avengers put to determine over in coming years, expectedly with the unusual Hawkeye and Dark Widow counterparts forming a conclude bond just like the previous title holders.

Yelena’s idealistic gaze of Contemporary York

Episode 5, “Ronin,” opens on a flashback to 2018, heavily focusing on Yelena and what she has been doing since the events of the “Dark Widow” movie. It appears to be that evidently Yelena had persisted hunting down all of the final Dark Widows in insist to free them of their thoughts withhold watch over with the antidote. Upon sitting down with a pair of fellow assassins, Yelena explains that as soon as they are done releasing the Dark Widows, they’ll achieve “correct lives” for themselves. Her friend Sonya (Yssa Mei Panganiban) even jokes that Yelena and Natasha will tear on to live their “Sex and the Metropolis” fantasy in Contemporary York. Sadly, this never happens, as moments later it’s found that Yelena changed into basically a victim of the blip, therefore never seeing her sister all yet again.

Many questions, equivalent to the fate of Yelena, had been answered on this episode. It also shared a diversified perspective of what it looked fetch to be blipped. Yelena later tracks down Kate in insist to request her about Clint’s whereabouts. Throughout this dialogue, she explains that it’s her first time in Contemporary York Metropolis and that she has a checklist of areas she desires to visit — including the Empire Disclose Constructing, the “unusual and improved” Statue of Liberty, and Rockefeller Center. It appears to be that evidently Yelena tranquil has an idealistic gaze of the city as wisely as The united states as an total. Right here is most seemingly due to the her sister’s apparently thrilling life as an Avenger in Contemporary York, and her perpetual dream of living a aloof life there with Natasha.

The whistle

The “Dark Widow” movie delves into the childhood and family of Natasha, giving viewers a survey into her secretive upbringing. Even handed one of many moderately a range of details discovered is that Natasha and Yelena possess an foremost whistle that they exercise to talk with one any other. Throughout the final battle at Rockefeller Center within the season finale, Clint uses this identical whistle in insist to bid to Yelena that he’s on her side. It stops her dreary in her tracks and is what in the end saves Clint’s life.

Right here can be the moment Yelena realizes how stable of a bond and friendship Clint had with her sister. Clint goes on to present the total lot he is aware of about her and Natasha’s time together, including most of the events that decide insist in “Dark Widow.” Clint remains the good particular person with any knowledge of Natasha’s family and life earlier than being sent to the Crimson Room. Similarly, Natasha had long been the good particular person responsive to Clint’s family, even being continuously known as “Auntie Nat” by his youth. This showcases to Yelena the upright friendship and esteem shared between Clint and Natasha, and had followers nostalgic for this sizable duo.


The situation of “Hawkeye” follows Clint as he handles the fallout of Ronin’s reappearance. Following the events of “Avengers: Infinity Battle” and the lack of his total family, Clint changed into to a life of vigilante crime as a masked assailant called Ronin. Based entirely on this sequence, Ronin “decimated the criminal underworld of the city, nearly entirely annihilating the situation and energy of the pinnacle of organized crime.”

Whereas being interrogated by the aptly named Tracksuit Mafia, Clint tells their leader Maya (Alaqua Cox) that Ronin is largely dreary. He explains that Natasha Romanoff changed into the particular individual that in the end took Ronin’s life and he is aware of this because he witnessed it. This is in a position to well upright hit upon as a diversion technique from Clint in insist to regain the Tracksuits to discontinue procuring, but it indubitably is a ways more crucial than that. Recounting the principle points of “Avengers: Endgame,” followers might per chance per chance well steal the moment Natasha hunts down Clint (as Ronin) in insist to recruit him to help the final Avengers reverse the outcomes of the blip. Upon finding him, Natasha pulls him out of the darkness, symbolically killing his masked counterpart, upright as he explained.


Lawful Wonder followers note the importance of the characters’ costumes and uniforms, and the Disney Wonder sequence are no diversified. In “Hawkeye” Episode 1, “Never Meet Your Heroes,” Clint’s fable opens up on him and his youth in Contemporary York Metropolis, attending the unusual Broadway demonstrate: “Rogers: The Musical.” It gifts a romanticized retelling of the events of the first “Avengers” movie. Clint is visibly heart-broken as he watches strangers act out the trauma that he and his friends had to endure, getting noticeably upset seeing Natasha’s character.

Throughout this scene, there are moderately a range of apparent costume homages within the solid on stage and in followers dressed up as the characters within the target audience — including a lady dressed as Natasha. On the different hand, one costume roar that followers might per chance per chance well need uncared for is on the actress taking half in Natasha within the musical, who appears to be in a crimson shirt beneath a belted sunless jacket. This acts as a visible callback to the crimson hourglass image repeat on the promotional posters for the “Dark Widow,” movie as wisely as the markings on the instruct venomous sunless widow spiders.

Based entirely on a fraction by Nationwide Geographic, sunless widow spiders are entirely sunless, with this identical crimson image on their abdomen and are identified to possess venom that is “15 instances stronger than a rattlesnake’s.” This hourglass image has in overall been interpreted as somebody’s time running out after an come upon with a sunless widow spider, and the crimson colour fits the Crimson Room.  Natasha also shares bodily characteristics with the spider, as she is on the total dressed in all sunless with her crimson hair performing in distinction. 

The get

Wonder junkies are always scouring the MCU for fun Easter eggs and references to connect the universe together. Musical references are a correct provide of this. The refined musical references at some point of the MCU help to pork up the hyperlink between the motion photos and reveals, while evoking explicit emotions from explicit scenes.

As an illustration, at some point of the rooftop fight that leads to Kate being thrown off the ledge, the track heard at some point of this scene is the identical Alan Silvestri get feeble when Natasha sacrifices herself in “Endgame.” This additional reinforces Clint’s persisted guilt over shedding Natasha and the arrangement in which he doesn’t are making an strive to relive that with Kate. 

One more sizable example is available within the penultimate episode of the sequence, which heavily makes a speciality of Yelena. The audio heard when the episode opens is equivalent to what we heard when Yelena is at final hit with the antidote and woken from her programming in “Dark Widow.” Express dialogue between Yelena and her sister that took insist at some point of “Dark Widow” might per chance per chance well be heard, followed by Yelena’s final whistle at Natasha’s grave within the put up-credit scene. Other than this, Lorne Balfe’s “Dark Widow” get continues to play at some point of the episode and moderately a range of parts of the sequence, along with Silvestri’s “Avengers” theme. 

Kate’s childhood

“Hawkeye” pays recognize to Natasha in most of the character selections of Kate. Natasha is identified to were raised to be an assassin from a extraordinarily younger age, mastering the humanities of “espionage, infiltration, and subterfuge” while also becoming an professional martial artist in many geographical regions. Similarly, Kate changed into apparently groomed to be a child warrior as wisely. Throughout the outlet credits of the premiere episode, viewers discover that, as soon as her father died, Kate changed into put into coaching by her mother. Kate in the end changed into an professional martial artist and earned a sunless belt when she changed into handiest 15. Throughout her childhood, she also changed into professional in gymnastics, sword fight, fencing, and (bear in mind that) marksmanship.

It’s miles discovered later within the sequence that Kate’s mother, Eleanor (Vera Farmiga), is hoping to recruit Kate into her security firm as soon as she finishes college. This additional drives home the parable of Kate being a non-public assassin for somebody else’s exercise, powerful like Natasha changed into for so decades. In Episode 2, “Cowl and Behold,” viewers are given a see at the phenomenal relationship between Kate and her mother, as she Kate into a heated fencing fight with Eleanor’s fiancé — with out her mother batting an stare. Whereas Natasha remains what Clint calls “the easiest there might per chance be,” her and Kate tranquil half many similarities of their skillset and the trajectory of their lives as professional child killing machines. 

Natasha’s legacy

Throughout your total sequence, endless other folks reward Clint for his portion in saving the enviornment following the blip. He apparently refuses to settle for this feature, as he believes the particular individual that basically saved the enviornment changed into Natasha. Each and each “thanks” that Clint receives acts as a twist of the knife, as he tranquil harbors substantial guilt for letting Natasha sacrifice herself. Throughout their final battle at Rockefeller Center, Clint assures Yelena that her sister is the one who in actuality saved the enviornment.

A long standing point of contention among many viewers has been the style Wonder handled the loss of life of Natasha — or moderately didn’t address it. With the estimable impact that Tony Stark’s loss of life seemed to possess on the Avengers and your total world, Natasha handiest receiving a handful of mentions following her loss of life always felt lacking. Following the intensive funeral scene for Tony that integrated nearly each and each particular person from the MCU, followers had long been looking ahead to Natasha to assemble a suitable sendoff as wisely. 

Happily, many followers praised “Hawkeye” for at final showcasing the emotional impact and lasting outcomes of Natasha’s loss of life on her members of the family. It’s miles obvious to viewers that Natasha’s legacy lives on in many characteristics of Yelena, Kate, and Clint. An wrong line from Natasha, and a parallel to the indispensable themes of “Hawkeye,” is available in her final scene in “Avengers: Endgame.” She tells Clint, “I don’t take other folks on their worst errors.” Wonder followers can handiest hope that Clint will discontinue judging himself on his worst mistake, and begin to neatly transfer on from Natasha’s loss of life.

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