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Europeans face another restricted Christmas

Again it's time to lock up. We Europeans face a second Christmas conditioned by the pandemic. While waiting for what the Dutch government decides (a possible total confinement and closure of non-essential activities), in France they have run out of New Year's Eve street celebrations. The triggering of the contagions has led the French executive to take this and other measures, such as the prohibition of non-French people from traveling to or from the United Kingdom, unless urgent reasons are justified. The ban goes into effect today, so the day before the London station from which the English Channel trains depart collapsed. But travel between EU countries is also complicated.

Germany imposes quarantine on the unvaccinated from risk areas, including France. Every traveler must present a negative covid-19 test to enter Portugal, Italy, Greece and Ireland. In the latter country, from tomorrow restaurants and bars are closed at eight in the afternoon. Also tomorrow Denmark closes theaters, cinemas, concerts or museums. And as of Monday, in Switzerland a covid pass will be required in many public spaces.

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