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Eric Delko’s Best One-Liner From CSI: Miami

In Season 2, Episode 6, “Storm Anthony,” a tropical storm ravages the affirm leaving chaos and lots of victims in its wake. Now now not the total lot is as it looks, though, and as it turns out, a few of the victims weren’t victims of the storm at all nonetheless one thing or one more particular person.

The episode’s ending reveals lots of of the agents searching for to clutch it easy and enhance from the busy and overwhelming crimes. Nonetheless, when detective Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Procter) will get up to traipse away, she finds a silver lining in the wretchedness. She mentions that it will probably were a apt part that a prison hit someone’s automobile in a hurricane because if he hadn’t, they wouldn’t have stumbled on and apprehended a murderer.

At this, Delko merely chuckles and remarks, “Leave it to you, Calleigh, to procure one thing apt to attain attend out of a hurricane.” The peerlessly timed line now not handiest makes detective Duquesne smile nonetheless shines a delicate on a dejected episode. The fact that this line sounds oddly appreciate it’ll be on an inspirational poster arguably makes it essentially the most fantastic Delko one-liner in the series.

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