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Entrepreneurs who want to put order in the last mile distribution

Founders of Logístiko.

In the midst of internet shopping it is important for companies to be competitive in last mile deliveries. It is the pillar on which Logístiko, an emerging Malaga company that was born on the same day that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, announced the first state of alarm to face the coronavirus, on March 13, 2020. His team has developed a technology that allows small and large companies to optimize their delivery processes. The system decides the order in which each package should be stored in the vehicles, draws the most efficient route for each van and indicates the arrival times at each delivery point. At the same time, they provide real information to the company and the customer so that they can track shipments. After billing 15,000 euros in 2020, this year they will be around 120,000, and next year they hope to reach 0.5 million euros.

” Everything started with a route optimizer ”, recalls Alfonso Porras, founder of Logístiko together with Carlos Urbán and David Montesinos. The three are from Malaga, but they began to lay the foundations of the firm when they were thousands of kilometers from their city. Montesinos was on retirement in Southeast Asia; Porras, studying Marketing in Sydney, and Urban, working in Japan. The last two returned to Malaga in 2018 and, a year later, they accessed La Farola, a business accelerator promoted by the Malaga City Council, the Junta de Andalucía and Telefónica. “We had several ideas, we fell down many times and we learned a lot … Until we saw the opportunity,” Porras underlines. They found it when they saw the scarce digitization in the deliveries in the Horeca channel (hotels, restaurants and cafes).

The company went on the market in full confinement. It was a key moment, because internet commerce grew by leaps and bounds and many companies opted to digitize their processes. Its clients range from NectarFruit – which distributes fruit in Madrid – to Fedefarma – a distributor of pharmaceutical products in Catalonia. At the moment, its focus is growing in Spain and opening markets in northern Europe. They already have contracts in Argentina, Chile or Peru.

The business is based on a monthly subscription. “It is a product more of a service than a license. This way it never becomes obsolete: we are updating it, adding new functionalities and listening to the sector to adapt to its new needs ”, underlines Porras. Logístiko received recognition last October at the South Summit event in Madrid and has seven employees, plus three in the hiring process. It has a financing round of 650,000 euros underway to develop its technology and, in the meantime, they are patient until benefits arrive, which they wait for 2024. “Our strategy is not to be a unicorn. We want to improve, increase the market and invest in future profitability ”, sentence Porras.

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