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Elena Soberón, the young rancher who has recovered an extinct cheese

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After studying hairdressing and getting to know half the world, the Asturian Elena Soberón (Cabrales, 1993) discovered that for her, happiness was in her town, in Arangas, at the foot of the Sierra del Cuera, where only there are 47 countrymen registered . «It is not worth living in the city, I do not need a Zara or a cinema on my doorstep to be happy. It was always clear to me that I wanted to stay in this environment, ”she says proudly. That is why seven years ago, at only 21, he set up the cheese factory that bears his surname and which he now runs together with his 24-year-old sister Ana. In addition to producing the famous cabrales, they make an even more special product: Arangas cheese, a «semi-soft with blue veins» that the shepherds in the area did and that he believed himself lost.

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