‘Dragon Ball’ Fan Favorite Vegeta Finally Has A New Form But Fans Just Want Him To Catch A Damn Break


If there’s one thing we can say about Vegeta fans, it’s that they’re anything but fair-weather. Despite the prince of the Saiyan just getting a shiny new form in the ongoing and wildly popular manga series Dragon Ball Super (oh, and a pretty cool rumored name for it, too), the reformed baddie just can’t stop catching L’s in battle — and his fans are over it.

Vegeta gets a new form

Vegeta fans: Finally it’s Vegeta’s time

Toyotaro: pic.twitter.com/JS1KSkpUAx

— Azure~💮 (@ThaBoyAzure) August 17, 2021

Vegeta gets a new form then gets his ass kicked, never seen that one before.🥶 pic.twitter.com/5AT5zalH2B

— Maximo Grimaldo (Comms open) (@GrimaldoMaximo) August 17, 2021

It doesn’t matter, he already lost pic.twitter.com/kZHYqfzm06

— Hugo⁷ (@NotInosuke) August 17, 2021

Now it would be one thing if this was a once or twice kind of situation, but as some folks have pointed out, this has happened… a lot. Turns out that despite Vegeta constantly growing better and discovering new ways to harness his power and strength, he seems all but capable of just winning a damn battle, regardless of what form he busts out. One good-humored and downright dedicated Dragon Ball fan created a massive collage using only photos of Vegeta losing, if you want just a glimpse at how down this guy is. It’s reached a point where several fans are now joking about retiring if he doesn’t catch a break.

Oh shit vegeta lost, yooo that’s crazy pic.twitter.com/LDukUmCudq

— ✖ M O E ✖ ✊🏿(15/15) Comms (@Venommoe) August 17, 2021

I officially retire from being a Vegeta fan

— Afro (@AfroSenju) August 17, 2021

Please god stop letting Vegeta get hoe’d its been going on for decades let my mans have a break pic.twitter.com/K7OIKxFXcS

— ⚡⚡ (@King2Wesley) August 17, 2021

My guy Vegeta can never catch a break pic.twitter.com/9KxXANWzFL

— It Aint That Deep (@foreverchlling) August 17, 2021

Bruh I wake up to Vegeta losing AGAIN?? I can’t keep doing this man pic.twitter.com/P6enQYcpAG

— ScarletNeos (@ScarletNeos) August 17, 2021

Other fans have begun to suspect Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama simply has it out for Vegeta, and does this for kicks:

Vegeta every time he reads his script: pic.twitter.com/r86Klik2zo

— Christolo🏷 (@Rentytheline) August 17, 2021

Vegeta: “Why Toriyama hate me, man?” pic.twitter.com/8Q1JL1PqfI

— Lil Dude From Across the Street (@GetBizzyChrizzy) August 17, 2021

However, some still hold out hope that one day, Vegeta will surpass Goku as the supreme Saiyan. Or at least… cat-ch up.

One day Vegeta… one day you’ll catch up to Cat-karot. pic.twitter.com/HAhcIu0lsg

— Cat Cosplay (@Cat_Cosplay) August 17, 2021