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Do sex toys depend on our horoscope?

The signs of the zodiac, for many people, are the key to determining our tastes and personality traits . The truth is that we are all different and that each person in the world has a different way of doing things, especially when it comes to privacy. But we all like to have fun and enjoy . And the best way to do it is by exploring .

To achieve that goal , LELO, the brand specialized in sexual well-being, has put at our service a a very complete variety of erotic toys this Christmas. In addition, the brand offers a 15% discount for Prensa Ibérica readers with the code REGALO15. Not sure which one to choose? Discover which one best suits you according to your zodiac sign and welcome 2022 in the most sexy and possible fun!


Lovers of control, independent and unconditional fans of speed, Aries are often addicted to hunting. They like to chase more than to capture. To seduce them there is no better way than to keep passion and interest alive.

Fire sign, your ideal sex toy is undoubtedly LELO SORAYA WAVE ™, the G-spot vibrator that swings inside generating very pleasant sensations. Aries are insatiable and the mixed orgasms provided by LELO SORAYA WAVE ™ are the best option!


Two traits define Taurus: they are clear and direct, especially in sex. They love to feel and are sensual by nature. Above all, they love to be surprised. Surely this Christmas you will find the ideal sex toy for them!


Dual in nature and open minded, Geminis are adventurous and fun at the same time. They love intense games as a couple and there is no better companion than the LELO TIANI ™ 3 vibrator for couples . With intense stimulation on the clitoris, this toy offers a vibration for couples with twice the power.

Always playful, Geminis will enjoy twice as much with the remote control of LELO TIANI ™ 3 , with which they can materialize all their fantasies by changing the intensity of the vibration with a simple turn of the wrist.


Loyal and romantic, people of the Cancer sign always want to please their partner, although to gain their trust beforehand you have to be patient and fill them with pleasure. A good candidate to achieve this is LELO ORA ™ 3 , an oral sex simulator with rotation and a super soft silicone tongue that vibrates to provide a almost natural feeling and sublime oral pleasure.


Leos are pure fire and adore pleasure. They are direct and very creative, they will enjoy like never before with a sex toy that they can share with their partners.


Virgos are passionate about learning and discovering more about their sexuality, especially with vaginal balls , which respond gently and discreetly to body movements, give a tingling sensation and they are the perfect training to reach a better and more intense climax.

This type of sex toy strengthens the vaginal wall and tones the pelvic floor muscles through highly effective Kegel exercises. In addition, they improve urinary incontinence problems in women of any age and open the doors to a new pleasure.


Libras are active and restless, which is why they prefer sex in company and always seek the pleasure of their partner. With LELO TOR ™ 2, it is sure to be much easier for them to achieve this. This vibrating ring for couples intensifies the sensations and achieves a firmer and more durable intercourse . Its soft and stretchy silicone design easily adapts to all penis sizes.


Passionate, curious and very sensual, Scorpio is always on the lookout for new sensations and a part of his nature pushes him to break taboos. Like, for example, experimenting with LELO ENIGMA ™ , the clitoral and G-spot stimulator designed to achieve two different types of climax, both the full clitoris and the G-spot and reach the most intense orgasms in the world.


Brave and daring, that's how Sagittarius are. Taking risks and trying new things they love. You will have to work hard to find a sex toy that really surprises them!


Capricorns are serene, self-confident and dominant lovers. They enjoy the little pleasures in life, but prefer safety above all else. They know what they like and what never fails them. Like LELO SONA ™ 2 Cruise, the clitoral sucker that massages and stimulates the entire organ, even the parts that are not in sight, offering a new type of orgasm that has revolutionized female pleasure.


Aquarius is pure imagination. He loves to enjoy the small pleasures of life and, above all, he cannot bear control in his partner. So you always want to be proactive and take charge of your own pleasure. Discovering the sex toy that really convinces you is one of your pending tasks for 2022.


Tender and sensitive, Pisces feel everything very intensely. For them there is nothing better than a romantic evening exploring boundless pleasure alongside scented clitoral vibrators like the LILY ™ 2 scented clitoral vibrator. Features three intoxicating fragrances with a touch aphrodisiac and relaxing to envelop the senses, with chocolate and Bordeaux, rose and wisteria or lavender and manuka honey.

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    You know, whatever your zodiac sign, the most important thing is to have fun and experiment, try new things to find out what it is that you really like. We are all different, but we all like to take charge of our own pleasure. This Christmas do it with LELO, also enjoying a 15% discount for Prensa Ibérica readers with the code REGALO15 … Happy 2022!

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