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Djokovic obtained the medical exemption not to be vaccinated because he passed the coronavirus in December

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Novak Djokovic passed the coronavirus last December and that is the reason why he obtained the medical exemption without the obligation to be vaccinated, according to his defense in writing to the Australian federal court. The Serb has appealed against the Australian Government's decision to cancel his visa and not allow him to enter the country. In addition, he has asked to be transferred from the hotel where he is isolated to be able to train, although he is waiting for this Monday, foreseeably, the Justice to decide whether or not he is deported.

« The date of the first positive covid PCR test was December 16, 2021 “, declared their representatives in this document presented to the federal court to try to annul the rejection of their entry visa to Australia.

Djokovic tested positive for coronavirus on December 16, 2021, but 14 days later “he has not presented fever or respiratory symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 72 hours,” says the file.

Based on his positive, according to his lawyers, the Serbian received a medical exemption from the tournament to be able to play the Australian Open without being vaccinated.

A document that allowed you to travel

In the resource that Djokovic h has filed before the court of appeal, the tennis player alleges that has a valid visa to enter the country and a medical exemption from the Australian Open, documents that allow you to participate in the tournament. In addition, the Serbian's defense alleges that the tennis player has another document from the Australian Interior Ministry that confirms that meets all the requirements to travel to the oceanic country without the obligation to pass a quarantine.

According to the Serbian's appeal, on January 1, Djokovic received « A document from the Department of the Interior (that) told Djokovic that his' responses indicate (d) that (he) fulfilled the requirements to arrive in Australia without quarantine, '' states his defense in the appeal.

The Djokovic case has made the Australian Open, the first big of the year, news before the tennis players even set foot in the clue. The Serbian, who has never wanted to clarify whether he has been vaccinated against the coronavirus or not, despite the fact that he has spoken out against mandatory vaccination, is isolated in a hotel awaiting judicial resolution, although the Australian Government He has already stated that he is not detained and that he is free to leave the country whenever he wishes.

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