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Djokovic and the rejection of the covid vaccine from other sports stars

Novak Djokovic asserted his status as the best tennis player in the world on Tuesday for the Australian Open and the country's government decide to make an exception for it. Faced with the mandatory nature of the vaccine, the Serbian received a “health exemption” that will allow him to fight for the revalidation of the title that he achieved 12 months ago by keeping his silence on whether he has been immunized against Covid-19 or not.

The Serbian has never said that he has not been vaccinated, but the evidence is that, if he had, he I would have saved a lot of headaches in these months, starting with the process to be able to go to the Australian Open with an exception to the letter. Djokovic argues that it is a strictly personal

issue that he should not report to nobody.

He is not the only great tennis player subscribed to skepticism, in fact the current three best in the world have had their own history. The Russian Daniil Medvedev , second in the ranking, refused for months to talk about your vaccination. The Russian Federation ended the doubt a few weeks ago, confirming that it had received the complete guideline.

The Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas , for his part, was reluctant to the injection in public for many months, although he ended up changing his mind. “I do it so I can lead a normal life,” explained the world number three and final finalist at Roland Garros.


Although perhaps along with Djokovic, the case of the most famous anti-vaccine athlete in the world is that of basketball player Kyrie Irving. A guy, so to speak, quite peculiar, who a few years ago came to exhibit his belief that the Earth is flat. “I'm doing my best. I know the consequences and, if that means that I am judged and demonized for my decision, that is what it touches, “said the US base about his rejection of the vaccine, supported through street demonstrations.

A position that is costing him dearly, since the position of New York (where his Brooklyn Nets ) to allow unvaccinated to enter wards led his team to separate him of his discipline, suspending the payment of his salary . The Nets, however, have decided to reinstate him in recent days given the plague of contagions on the team. He will not be able to play at home, but he will be able to play in most of the NBA halls.

'Kimmich case '

In football, the most striking case is the one that affects Bayern Munich. In November, at least four footballers had refused immunization: Joshua Kimmich , Serge Gnabry , Eric Choupo-Moting and Jamal Musiala . A circumstance that came to light when the Bavarian government vetoed the entry to hotels and restaurants of those who did not have the complete guideline, something that affected the daily life of Bayern and these players.

Of them, Kimmich has already changed his mind … after catching it. It happened at the end of November and due to the lung sequelae of the disease, he has still not been able to return to the pitch. “For me, it was difficult to face my fears and misgivings That's why I've been undecided for so long, “he explained after announcing that he would inoculate the doses when the health authorities tell him that he can do it.

The list refers to foreigners because there has not been any case in Spain (at least at the first level) of athletes who have avoided talking about their vaccination or who have declared that they are against immunization against Covid-19. Surely, for pure statistics, there are, but none have publicly positioned themselves in this direction.


Cases as mediatic as those of these athletes can lead to the mistaken feeling that it is a group with a significant rejection of vaccination. The data in different leagues and competitions indicate just the opposite conclusion, since the immunized ratios are much higher than the general mean of the population.

In Spain, more than 90% of people over 12 years of age have already received the full vaccination schedule, not counting the booster dose. Well, according to the data managed by LaLiga, at the end of November the 95%had already been vaccinated of footballers, a percentage that has increased in recent weeks, although the data has not yet been updated. In the ACB Basketball League, for its part, the season has already started with a number of unvaccinated “anecdotal, minimal”


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The contrast is even clearer in States United, where the number of anti-vaccines is much higher, since only 71% of those over 12 years have received the two initial doses. Well, in professional leagues vaccination has been massive. In the NFL (American football), the latest data available speaks of the 94.6% and in the NBA the figure already exceeds the 97% . The most extreme case is that of the NHL (ice hockey ), a league in which there is only one player who has rejected the vaccine: Tyler Bertuzzi, of the Detroit Red Wings.

Other competitions, however, show more modest ratios. The Premier League announced before Christmas that only the 77% of its footballers had received two or three doses, while 7% have already received one, which is equivalent to 16% of players who have refused immunization. On the ATP tennis circuit, in October only 65% of players had completed their guideline, which has not been updated since.

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