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Disney’s Hollywood Studios Turned Into a Water Park Due To Heavy Rain And The Video Is Wild

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Walt Disney World is largely “back to normal” these days following pandemic closures, but one place where that is not quite the case is the resort’s water parks. While Typhoon Lagoon is open for business once more, Blizzard Beach is currently closed, which means Disney water park fans have limited options. But last night Disney World found itself with an unscheduled water park when a significant rain storm led to the flooding of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The main pathways of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, including Hollywood Boulevard, were completely full of water leading to ankle deep water that guests had to maneuver through. Seeing the video, like this one from Instagram, makes the experience look absolutely wild. Usually when people end up soaking wet at Disney World it’s because they chose to get on a ride that made them that way.

In addition to a very heavy rain there clearly must have been some sort of drainage problem at Hollywood Studios to cause the streets to flood. For the most part it appears that guests dealt with the experience fairly well. Some clearly had a great time playing in the water, it’s not often you get to splash through a Disney theme park. Others resigned themselves to the experience. It’s not like it was possible to avoid getting wet, so people stopped trying.

Disney World is built on what used to be swamp land in central Florida, so rain is commonplace. At the same time while rain is frequent, it’s not always that heavy, so an umbrella or a poncho is usually all you need to get through it. In this case, however, something a little more was needed.

Flash flooding @WaltDisneyWorld @DisneyParks Hollywood Studios this eve. One cast member said he’d never seen the like in 17 years… #florida #disney 8, 2022

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For those who were willing, or even excited to deal with the water, it may have been a quite fun time. Odds are a lot of people left the park to avoid the downpour, meaning that attraction lines were probably pretty short, making the park much more navigable for those that were willing to put up with the rain. 

Wow! Hollywood Boulevard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios got a bit flooded in this video by @PageMrMorrow on TikTok: 8, 2022

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And some people absolutely took advantage of this random event and had some fun with it. Walt Disney World is a place where people make memories and while this might not be the way everybody expected to spend their day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it does give the guest with the right mindset the ability to spend the day doing something that few ever have the chance to experience.  

core memories made tonight in hollywood studios & its makeshift waterpark ✨✨ 8, 2022

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The Orlando forecast has rain likely to continue for the next several days. Hopefully it will lighten up at least a little and Hollywood Studios will be able to overcome whatever is causing the drainage problem, so guests don’t need to wade through an actual lake to visit Echo Lake.

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